India's 10 Most Inspirational Sportswomen

P T Usha: Also known as 'Payyoli Express', she is arguably one of the greatest athletes India has ever produced. Usha started making waves and won several medals in athletics. She was a fierce competitor in the early 1980’s, specifically at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic games. This Queen of India Track made history as being the first Indian woman to reach the Finals in the Olympic Games.
In the year 1985, 'Payyoli Express' set a World Record, by taking home 5 gold medals from the Asian Track and Field Meet at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Till date, it is the most gold medals earned by a female in a single track meet. During her entire career, she continued to win countless medals and awards. Usha was also named Sportsperson of the Century and Sports Woman of the Millennium by the Indian Olympic Association.
With the aim of producing more Payyoli Express, P.T. went on to open her own school in 2002 called the Usha School of Athletics, to train and encourage young atleats to achieve what she has done so far.

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