Indian Sportsmen Who Turned Politicians

Bangalore: Several sportsmen have explored various careers after their stint in sports. In India cricket is worshipped and cricketers are idolized. There are cricketers who turned commentators, few selectors and few even actors! Here we take a look at all those cricketers who turned to politics. 

Navjot Singh Sidhu:
Navjot Singh Sidhu has come to be known as a cricket commentator more than a cricket player or a politician. He is one of those public figures whom you either love or hate but certainly can’t ignore. His funny one-liners are called the ‘sidhuisms’. Sidhu has played more than 50 Test and 100 ODI matches, scoring over 7,000 international runs with over 27 centuries. This Indian opener turned commentator, entered active politics in 2004. He won the Lok Sabha election on a BJP ticket. He was asked to resign after being convicted of culpable homicide. The Supreme Court, however, stayed his conviction and he once again contested the Amritsar Lok Sabha seat. He won by a huge margin of 77,626.

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