Indian Firms Embrace Digital Twin Technology to Drive Transformation

Indian Firms Embrace Digital Twin Technology to Drive Transformation
In a landmark move toward digital innovation, Indian enterprises are swiftly integrating 'Digital Twin' technology into their operations, aiming to bolster efficiency and sustainability, according to a recent report by Dassault Systemes and Nasscom.
The report highlights that 90% of businesses in India are now familiar with digital or virtual twins, recognizing their potential to accelerate growth across sectors. These virtual replicas, known as 'Virtual Twins,' are being deployed extensively, with 45% of implementations spanning 12-24 months at various levels: product, process, or system virtualization.
This adoption trend is poised to streamline the design-to-realization continuum, facilitating the achievement of sustainability and circularity goals throughout the value chain. Particularly notable is the leadership role in driving these initiatives within the life sciences sector, where 33% are spearheaded by top executives, compared to the 22% average.
Despite challenges like limited dedicated budgets and software procurement hurdles, industry experts remain optimistic. Sangeeta Gupta from Nasscom emphasizes that optimizing assets and processes presents vast opportunities for innovation. Overcoming these obstacles, along with securing top-level commitment and fostering ecosystem collaborations, is crucial for unlocking the full potential of Digital Twins.
Government initiatives, such as the 'Sangam: Digital Twin' project, underscore India's commitment to digital transformation. This initiative enables the creation of virtual replicas of physical assets for real-time monitoring, simulation, and analysis. It fosters an environment conducive to iterative experimentation and adaptive feedback loops, crucial for achieving optimal outcomes in infrastructure planning and design.
Commenting on the burgeoning adoption, Deepak NG of Dassault Systemes India noted the promising growth trajectory and the emergence of industry-specific applications for Digital Twins.
Looking ahead, the Department of Telecommunication has called upon industry leaders, startups, MSMEs, academia, and innovators to engage actively in such initiatives, encouraging collaborative efforts to redefine the future of digital infrastructure.