Improve Your PPC Performance Using These Expert Advises

Improve Your PPC Performance Using  These Expert Advises

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a sure-shot way of bringing in more customers if you are good at strategizing. As the name itself suggests, you need to have a budget to run a campaign. The right strategy will get you maximum conversions whereas the wrong ones would just make you spend a capital without any returns hence we have listed a few tips below as suggested by experts, to improve your PPC performance;

1. Set Your Goals:

Like everything else, setting up a PPC campaign also needs you to set a defined goal as ultimately you should be able to measure your efforts. Before even you begin to run a campaign, reason out what do you want to achieve from the campaign, is it more traffic or sales leads? The rest of the process of setting up the campaign depends on your primary goals hence do not make a mistake in this step. Once the goal is set, then you can jump on to setting up your campaign and measure if the outcome matches your expectations.

2. Figure the High Performing Keywords:

Keywords are the most important element of any PPC campaign. When you set up a campaign, you add a few keywords based on what you feel would perform the best but after a while, you can actually check the performance of your keywords. The ones that perform high are the ones which bring in more business to you hence focus on those. You can use those keywords to continue running your campaigns but that does not mean you do not change them at all, with the time you may need to tweak the high performing keywords as well hence keep an eye on them.

3. Remove Low Performing Keywords:

Like high performing keywords, you will also find many keywords in your campaign which do not bring in much traffic, eliminate such keywords. If a keyword generates no impression, then you are just wasting your money on it. Impressions are generated when the user's search query has the keyword in it but that is not enough and not what you aim for. You would want to convert the user into a customer that will only be possible if the users click on the ad in the search result. but if the users do not find the ad relevant, then they will not.

High impression and low click rate mean the keyword lacks relevance and should be removed.

4. Use Negative Keywords:

You cannot ignore negative keywords in PPC campaign as whenever your ad gets triggered due to a search, you will be charged. When doing focused marketing, there are a few search strings which makes it clear that the users are not looking for your products and services hence sending them to your page has almost no chance of generating a conversion. By adding negative keywords, you can stop such irrelevant search strings which could lead users to your site hence you will be saving a lot of your marketing budget.

5. Adjust Your Keyword Bids:

While setting up a PPC campaign, you must have added different bids for different keywords based on their relevance but once you have seen the reports and understand which keyword performs better, you will need to make changes to the bids giving more weight to the ones that perform high so that your campaign runs successfully and generate desired outcomes. For small ad campaigns, it is easy to do all these on your own but for large companies, you may not be able to manage the complexities of generating and maintaining various ads hence you need to hire dedicated professionals to do ppc ad management on your companies behalf so that your investments yield better revenues.

6. Create Attractive Ads:

It goes without saying that your keywords may generate impressions but if you need the users to click on the ad; it needs to be compelling and attractive hence the ad needs to be crisp, specific and relevant to the keyword. Make it enticing so that the users cannot resist but also make it clear what is going to be on the landing page so that people who are not interested would not click on it as you do not want to pay for such clicks.

7. Add Relevant Landing Pages:

Now through Your PPC campaign, the user gets to see the add, and it seems enticing enough for the user to click but the add takes the user to a bad landing page then all your efforts and money go to waste as it will not yield in any conversion. To be able to convert, your landing page should have the exact information the user is looking for with a clear call-to-action.

In Conclusion- Use A/B Testing:

Like every other digital marketing stream, while running PPC campaigns, do not forget to test for different landing pages, ads, and keywords and compare them to figure out which works best to bring more conversions so that you can fine-tune your campaign to gain maximum returns out of it.