Importance of IMO for Class 9

Importance of IMO for Class 9

If you want to expand your knowledge beyond the pages of a book, then participating in exams apart from academics will help a lot. All these exams, especially IMO, try to inculcate thinking out of the box. They will induce various types of skills like problem-solving, analytical, reasoning as well mathematical skills. Going to the examination hall with all the preparation makes you confident. Solving IMO Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 9 before the final day will surely give you an edge over the others. To know more about this exam and the pattern in detail, go through this article.

Why should you give IMO?

IMO is an international and national level exam that can be given from class 1 to 12th. The value of this exam is the competition that is rising constantly with the years. The level of the papers is therefore going up, so a lot of practice and dedication is required if you want to give this exam seriously. You might not realize, but attempting and scoring good marks in this examination will be very beneficial for you in the future. The paper of this examination is designed in such a way that you can easily highlight the students with good analytical and reasoning skills. Apart from this other sections of the paper focus on increasing the mathematical and problem-solving ability. It also contains some part of questions that are mainly based on the regular mathematics used, which you must be studying in your school also. Some of the topics are menstruation, area, circle, algebra, etc. By giving this examination you will induce a lot of skills and will learn how to apply your bookish knowledge in the right way.

The pattern of the exam:

Before preparing, learning about the pattern is the most important step, it will help you to strategize your study so that you can study more effectively. The sections of the paper are logic reasoning, achiever’s section, mathematical reasoning, and maths in everyday life. The main is the achiever’s section which contains high-order thinking skills and needs a lot of brainstorming and practice. The reasoning questions can easily be solved if you have practiced them along with the previous year’s papers. The section will contain both verbal and nonverbal reasoning and also some of the questions related to algebra. The marking scheme is very simple with the achiever’s section containing 5 questions each of 3 marks. The rest of the section has questions that carry one mark each. After going through the pattern of the paper, form a study timetable that is worth following and stick to it. To get in a routine of studying on daily basis try sitting at the study table for a few hours then take a break. If you get into it then start stretching your studying time.

Things you can do during breaks:

It is not necessary to sit for long hours without moving from your study table. This will burn you out. You will not be able to concentrate and eventually end up remembering nothing. This will not be of any use and you are just wasting time, thinking this will be fruitful. But the result will be not good. To get a good rank both your life and study should be balanced. Study only during that time when you can concentrate well. At that particular time just think about your study and stay away from all the distractions. Taking small breaks will help get your mind all clear. Below mentioned are some of the tips that can be done while you are taking a break.

  • If you are taking a break of like 15 mins after every 1 or 1.5 hours, during that time you can clean your surrounding that is your study table. Keeping your environment clean will help you concentrate in a much proper way. As you will not be distracted by the things that were earlier lying around you.
  • If you want to take a break of 30 mins, then you can use it more productively. Try making notes of the topics of concepts that you just studied. Writing down the key points will help convert the temporary memory of yours into permanent memory. So just write down all the things that you can recall, after that, you can go back to the topic to see what were the points that you forgot. Highlight those points so that you can get back to them later.
  • Taking small naps in between is also helpful. It will help you wake up with a fresh mind and in a more energized way. Then you can start from wherever you left. 
  • For a long break of approximately an hour, you can revise your previous notes or practice questions from the concepts that you have already studied. This will help you to analyze all the points that you cannot remember. Revision is the key to remembering things in a better way so that you can recall them when needed.


Through this article, we can conclude that if you want to take your knowledge beyond the books and the academics then giving an IMO of whichever class you are in is the best option. Being an international and national level exam is tough but has a lot of value. The preparation process will also teach you a lot of things that will be helpful in the future. For school kids, this can be the very first exam they are giving so the right guidance and strategy are much needed. Your mentor will help you through this face and make sure that all your basics are cleared along with the questions that you might have problems with while solving the previous year’s papers. Doing mock papers and previous year’s papers will help you tell what is the level of preparation you have done and where do you stand right now. So that you can brush up on your concepts and work on the weak sections. Make a study timetable and prepare well to gain a good rank.