Immigrating to the USA after graduation might become harder

Immigrating to the USA after graduation might become harder

Donald Trump, the current President of the United States of America, has introduced a new immmigration policy which will make the process of immigration much more difficult, especially to those people who intend to use public benefits.

What is the essence of the new policy?

According to the introduced policy, the government will soon have the right to deny residency to those immigrants who have come or want to come to the United States of America but are likely to use such public benefits as food stamps, Medicaid or housing vouchers.

When will it take effect?

It will most likely take effect in approximately two months.

Why has this policy been introduced?

This is another attempt of President Trump to deal with the issue of immigration. In this case, the idea is to restrict it.

I am a winner of the Green Card lottery. Will I be affected?

Well, it depends. In general, the new policy will favor those immigrants who are wealthier as they are less likely to use various public benefits. The current administration wants to introduce the so-called wealth test the results of which determine whether a person has enough means to support themselves financially. If not, they will most likely be asked to leave the country. The American government does not offer any experience class immigration program as opposed the policies introduced in Canada and Austria. Thus, poor immigrants will be denied a permanent legal status even when they have won a green card.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, the program will not be applied to children, the military, pregnant women, asylum-seekers and refugees.

What about students?

Again, it depends. If you are currently a student at college, university or academy on a student visa, you have every right to finish your education. After graduation, a lot depends on your future plans. If you want to stay in the United States legally, you will either need to find a well-paid job right away or prove that you can support yourself financially and will not resort to using the public benefits provided by the government.

Speaking about the issue of students in the USA, there are lots of statistical data that do not speak in their favor. The thing is that a lot of students tend to look for some rather illegal ways to stay in the country after graduation. As a result of that, the government is very sceptical towards this particular group.

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