IIT Alumni Conference Discloses Vast Professional Miscellany

IIT Alumni Conference Discloses Vast Professional Miscellany

The main objective of the conference was to lead IIT alumni from nerdy engineers to modern professional diversity.

FREMONT, CA: Long Beach Marriott on September 14 hosted a conference recently, conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology’s Southern California alumnus. The main aim was to take “nerdy engineers” from the “Ivy League school of India” have had a dramatic image makeover: to one of contemporary professional diversity. Now, IIT alumni are not only nerdy engineers but also project consultants, internet entrepreneurs, and global industry advisors. Some among them are technical achievement Oscar winner and chancellor of a major university in the area.

The highlight of the conference was the conversations with two IIT resolute: Dr. Pradeep Khosla, Indian American Chancellor of the University of California, San Diego, and Ananth Krishnan, VP and CTO of Tata Consultancy Services.

It was a long-day event attended by several successful SoCal IITians and many other people. Multiple panels discussed on different topics in today’s business world, along with featured talks with IITians. They later discussed on subject matters such as ‘Technology in Business,’ ‘Our Amazing Infinite Universe,’ ‘Technology and Media,’ and ‘Reducing our Plastic Footprint.’ Experts of the field including Hitesh Ahuja, Smita Bagla, Gunjan Bagla, Priyank Saxena and Vinatha Nathan who were the members of the panel.

In the discussion with Pradeep Khosla, he conveyed his strong belief in doing the right thing for the student body and the university as a whole. This desire triggered him to announce about UCSD a residential school, which provides every student with guaranteed housing for the full four years, and at 20 percent below the market costs.

At the end of the meeting, Lakshman Rao delivered the vote of thanks to all present. At the conclusion, Gunjan Bagla recognized all the volunteers who worked for a reviving event and welcomed everyone to participate and keep the contributions of the IITs alive. After the conference, an evening of fellowship wherein the IITians networked in real alumni fashion followed.

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