How to Succeed as a Fitness Influencer on Instagram

How to Succeed as a Fitness Influencer on Instagram

Nowadays, there are many types of influencers on Instagram. In fact, you can become an influencer in any given niche, depending on your passion. One of the most popular niches is that of fitness and health. Fitness influencers tend to gather a lot of real followers and likes, thus making it an attractive niche for all aspiring influencers.

The competitiveness of this niche means that you have to try hard to find original post ideas that will make you stand out from all the other accounts. Of course, you can buy Instagram followers and engagement from so that this process becomes easier for you. In any case, you should always try to create the best content, following your niche’s rules.

In this article, you will find how to establish an Instagram fitness account to kickstart your influencer career.  

#1 Find Your Unique Sub-Niche

Fitness is a very broad term that includes many different workout styles. For example, you can do yoga, pilates, some martial art, or even aerobics. As it might be obvious, each one of these attracts a different audience, which requires different types of posts. For this reason, it is important to determine which is your fitness style and which audience you are targeting. The right sub-niche will make your account stand out and get real followers and likes. That’s why it is the first and most important step for becoming a successful influencer.

#2 Specify the Type of Content You Want to Focus On

The next thing you need to determine before you create content and buy Instagram followers to promote it is the type of posts you want to feature on your account. For example, you can focus more on workout programs, on explaining how the body works, or on sharing healthy meal plans. If you have a clear vision in your head, you can promote your content more effectively, thus growing your account much quicker than without having a plan. In addition to this, you can set specific goals that you will need to achieve in the following months.

#3 Find What Your Audience Wants to See

Setting up a plan and specific goals is not enough for succeeding on such a competitive platform as is Instagram. You also need to research your competition to spot what your target audience likes. Find all the accounts with a lot of real followers and likes and take notes on their most popular posts. Write down the hashtags they are using and the captions they are writing. This way, you will discover what tone you need to adopt in your posts so that your particular audience likes them.

#4 Use the Right Hashtags to Maximize Your Reach

Hashtags is an essential tool for making your posts visible to a lot of users. At the moment, the platform allows you to write up to 30 hashtags in your posts, so you need to carefully choose which ones you should include. First of all, you have to pick some general and popular fitness hashtags that are usually very competitive. In addition to these though, you should also include some niche-specific hashtag that will allow your posts to reach your target audience. In any case, you can buy Instagram followers to boost your account without having to worry about hashtags.

#5 Post Your Workout Routine

How to Succeed as a Fitness Influencer on Instagram

As a fitness influencer, you will be expected to share your workout routine. Whether you create programs that focus on specific parts of the body or full-body programs, your followers will want to learn your secrets. This type of post works better in video format rather than an image. Moreover, you can upload longer workout routines on your IGTV. Since your niche is fitness, this type of content will earn you a lot of real followers and likes.

#6 Share Meal Plans and Tips for a Healthier Diet

Many of the most popular fitness influencers don’t just focus on workout programs. They are also sharing tips on living and eating healthier. Some of them, explain how many calories each dish has and which ingredients you can swap to reduce them. All of these are great ideas to keep your audience engaged and offer them some useful and invaluable information. If you also buy Instagram followers, you know that these posts will reach a wide audience and that they will bring you a lot of traffic.

#7 Create a Workout IGTV series

How to Succeed as a Fitness Influencer on Instagram

If you want to upload longer videos, then your IGTV is the perfect place to do so. You can create a workout series, where you explain different exercises to your audience. These videos will motivate their viewers to do better and gain the body of their dreams. An IGTV series can become very popular as it can easily be featured on the Instagram Explore page and get real followers and likes.

#8 Collaborate with Other Fitness Influencers

It is no secret that working with other creators in your niche will benefit you a lot. If you choose an influencer in your niche, then you know that your account will be exposed to users in your target audience. This way, you will gain followers that are actually interested in your content and that will give you the engagement you need for a successful account.

#9 Get Deals with Fitness and Health Brands

A part of the influencer lifestyle is brand sponsorships. In fact, these deals will offer you a comfortable living that will allow you to become a full-time influencer. Once you have a decent following, reach out to various fitness and health brands and propose sponsorships and collaborations. If your posts have enough engagement, they will accept the deal. For this, it is important to buy Instagram followers and engagement from to boost your account as much as possible.

Becoming a fitness influencer will offer you a great and lucrative successful career. Make sure that you follow all of the above strategies and that you get the engagement you need from