How to Care for Linen Fabric

How to Care for Linen Fabric

Linen bedding has been very popular with housewives for many centuries. And all because linen fabrics are stronger and softer than cotton. You will find the finest American bed linen in the online store Linens & Hutch. But there are a number of rules that should be followed for linen to serve you as long as possible.

How to wash and iron linen bedding?

For linen bedding to please you with its beautiful and fresh look for a long time, it should be washed and ironed properly, following the basic tips:

  • New linen should be washed and rinsed with conditioner before use. In this case, the drum of the washing machine should be filled no more than 2/3. This will provide the necessary conditions for high-quality rinsing. 
  • The maximum washing temperature should not exceed +60°C.
  • Dry textiles should be in a straightened form. Linen items should be dried to a semi-moist state.
  • It is better to iron linen products at high temperatures. Due to the high density of the fabric, even after ironing, barely noticeable creases and folds may remain on it.
  • Do not store linen items in hermetically sealed containers. The best options are covers and bags made of natural fabric that can pass air well.

How to dry linen bedding?

You can always buy good linen bedding in the online store Linens & Hutch If you properly wash and iron linen bedding, you can maintain its quality for a long time. But another important aspect is to be able to dry such linen properly. The ideal drying is in the open air, when, after drying, linen products wrinkle less and smell fresh. Do not wring out the laundry by hand by twisting it. It is better to let the water drain. If this is not possible, you can dry the bedding on a home dryer.

If you are using a washer dryer, you must use the correct setting. Do not use too hot drying mode so as not to over dry the linen. Set your dryer to a setting that ends with a cool cycle to significantly reduce wrinkles. Many dryers have an air cycle that simply ventilates the contents without any heat. It is very suitable for drying flax.

Properly care for and sleep on linen bedding for pleasure! It is not only pleasant but also saves your and your loved ones' health!