How to Camouflage a Canoe for Duck Hunting?

How to Camouflage a Canoe for Duck Hunting?

If hunting is your favorite hobby, I'm sure you would be looking for some great shots every time you are out there. Canoe hunting is a popular outdoor activity in the USA and Canada. Hunting ducks on a canoe is an excellent idea because it is one of the most easy to use boats and is compact, and you will still find enough room to store your goods in. To have fun hunting in a canoe, you need to prepare yourself well before that. To buy the best quality hunting gear, you must check out specialized online stores. If you’re new to hunting, you should know that when shopping for hunting gear your closest Marshall’s will not be as helpful as Cabela's. However, you can use Marshall's feedback to let their authorities know they lack hunting apparel. Also, make sure you go through this recommended reading suggested by experts and hunters.

So, what about duck hunting?

The best way to hunt a duck is to float through a small river and camouflage a canoe. Staying unnoticed, you will get some ducks in your proximity. You need to cut the nets, prune the shears, and remove the brushes from the water to camouflage a canoe. Before that, you need to select the right boat for your hunting activity, where you can store your decoys, hunting gear, clothes, and other stuff.

Gear for Duck Hunting:

You need to use different types of gear for duck hunting. If you want to go duck hunting in winter, then you should be prepared for swimming in cold weather. It is better to carry a dry bag with spare clothes, and do not forget to carry your towels and fire-starting materials. You can also carry a stove and a pot of soup along with some dry fruits in your boat. Apart from that, to camouflage yourself, you should wear a face mask and gloves.

How to Camouflage a Canoe?         

There are some easy and handy methods to camouflage a canoe, and here we will be highlighting the basic steps to achieve it.

Camouflage using a net:

  • You should measure the distance between the tip of the bow and the stern. You can find some large nets online, and cut the nets to make them the appropriate size. Fold the net from its center and hang the net with a hook with the bow of the canoe. You can tie the gunwales, seats, and thwarts at a side of the boat.
  • You need to make a camouflage on the water by using some brushwood, and you can use bamboo and some small branches of the beech trees for the same.  You need to hide the shadow of the paddler, for this you can use more brushwood. You do not need to use a lot of brushwood, but you definitely need some to cover the peddler.

Using Camouflage Paint

  • Begin with washing the kayak and scrubbing it to remove any dirt or grit. Allow the kayak to dry overnight.
  • Grind the surface using the grinder at low speed. Wipe off the surface to keep it clean and free from any abrasion. Pay extra attention to the corners.
  • If the surface is made of plastic, apply an adhesion-promoting coat followed by a topcoat. You can easily find camouflage sprays in the market. These are easy to use and will dry up faster.
  • Next, you can use a sponge and create patterns on the kayak. Make sure that you do so in a haphazard manner. Thus, allowing you to create a pattern that will help you to make a perfect camouflage.

With the information in this article, the chances of hunting a duck in the first shot would be increased.