How to Become Instagram Famous Within 6 Months

How to Become Instagram Famous Within 6 Months

The internet has opened a lot of doors for the everyday citizen seeking fame and fortune. With a few YouTube videos or a killer social media campaign, anyone can be a star, but that doesn’t mean they will automatically become so. Anyone who achieved Internet greatness and maintains it puts in a great deal of effort and is well rewarded in the end.

Instagram is a great place to start your fame and fortune. Not only is it the fastest (and only) growing social media network right now, but it’s also a hub of consumer/brand relationships. More than 80 percent of users are following brands on Instagram, whether the brand is a retail store or an individual making money through affiliate marketing.

If Instagram fame is what you seek, it’s not an impossible feat. It will require work and the right direction to get you where you want to go. You can do it within six months with the right tools found below.

Start by Boosting Your Following

On Instagram followers mean everything. The Instagram algorithm prioritizes accounts with many followers, so you’re more likely to see engagement from consumers in your industry simply by having a large number of followers.

There are dozens of effective strategies for growing your follower count, and we’ll discuss a few. To start off, here’s an Instagram secret to success: Buy Instagram followers.

Many beginning Instagrammers don’t realize that you can actually purchase real Instagram followers. By so doing, you’ll give your profile a huge jumpstart on your way to fame. Your posts will gain more attention from your target audience, and your follower count will grow organically from that time on.

It’s essential that you follow the proper protocol when buying followers. You need a reputable website that offers real followers, not fake bots that will leave spammy comments and get you banned. Go with recommended names like, a website that has excellent ratings and plenty of customer reviews that confirm its effectiveness.

If you choose to buy Instagram followers, it’s essential that you don’t stop there. You can’t buy Instagram followers forever and hope to become famous. Sooner or later, your fake fame will collapse, and you’ll lose any chance of reaching your target audience.

So, you must continue your efforts to build a following through real engagement, high quality content, and a great profile. Followers will follow and share your brand because they know they can get value out of your content. Buying followers is just a way to kickstart your profile popularity—keeping follower attention is all on you!

Post Consistently

You won’t get anywhere by posting sporadically and infrequently. The more time between posts, the more likely your followers are to forget about you and/or move on to the next big thing in your industry.

A study from Tailwind followed 100,000 Instagram posts for three months. They found that accounts that posted every single day had significantly more engagement (19 percent more) than those that posted just once per week. They also found that those that posted daily had a follower rate 56 percent higher than those that posted once a week. These findings were consistent regardless of the size of account posting.

Posting daily to Instagram is crucial to building your following; however, you shouldn’t post just for the sake of posting. Six low-quality posts and one-high quality post per week won’t impress your followers, and you could lose them.

Shoot for a content calendar that pumps out the best content every single day, but if you don’t have anything of value to say, it’s okay to skip a day or two here and there! It’s better to keep a follower’s attention with your best content than to scare them away with content they don’t care about.

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtag use is the fastest and most effective method of building a following and gaining popularity. Consumers can easily search Instagram for topics of interest based on hashtags brands are using.

This means that you should be using relevant, trending hashtags regularly on your posts. That way, when someone searches for a popular topic, you’ll show up. Use Instagram Insights and Google Trends to help you identify these topics and hashtags that will work well to promote your brand.

You should also use branded hashtags to help consumers identify your content and build your fame. Branded hashtags encourage user-generated content. For example, if you’re a coffee connoisseur named Kelly who rates coffee found in shops all over Chicago, you might use a hashtag like #chicagocoffeewithkelly. It’s easy to remember and can be attached to any posts.

Then, you can encourage followers to use your hashtag on their coffee adventures around Chicago or other major cities. You’d be surprised how many people will want their 10 minutes of fame, and their use of your hashtag will expose you to hundreds of thousands more followers.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post. Take advantage of each hashtag but enter down several spaces before writing most of the hashtags. That way, you can get the search attention without appearing spammy.

Build Relationships

The point of using Instagram to build fame is to create relationships. Consumers follow brands on the platform (unlike Snapchat) because it’s the most personal network that lets followers feel like they’re getting one-on-one attention from a brand.

You can make amazing headway by focusing on relationship building. There are hundreds of strategies for doing this, and you’ll learn a lot through trial and error as you post videos to IGTV and Stories and share real information on your posts.

The most important thing you can do is to get real and personal. Share your behind-the-scenes processes and vulnerabilities. These moments will hit home with much of your audience, and that relatability will take your brand to untold places.

Anyone with the right tools and ability to create and maintain relationships on Instagram can find fame and fortune on the platform. It’s all about applying yourself and utilizing keys for success.