How To Become Billionaire With Bitcoin?

How To Become Billionaire With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been a great investment opportunity for many people, who in a short time have seen their wealth grow and become billionaires.

Billionaire is a name that a lot of of us would feel affection for. But is it feasible? Believe it or not, being a billionaire is a goal you can achieve with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Getting wealthy has more to do with self-control and stubbornness than brightness or fortune. The first investors in revolutionary technologies always end up receiving enormous profits, once they achieve the notoriety that corresponds to them for the changes they generate in economic and social life.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology in general do not escape this trend, and that is that those who first believed in products such as Bitcoin, enjoyed enormous profits when the cryptocurrency began to exceed thousands of dollars in its price, transforming overnight to the morning in billionaires, in some cases with the investment of only a couple of hundred dollars. You have to Register to Bitcoin Billionaire.

Who created bitcoin

The creator of the Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a pseudonym, so it is not known if it is a person or a group of people.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name that appears as the creator of the bitcoin protocol, who mine the first bitcoin block and make the first transaction to Hal Finney.

This user made his last public contribution to the development of electronic currency in 2010.

Until 2016 Gravin Andresen was the most visible bitcoin figure.

Some famous cryptos billionaires

If the price of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continues to rise in the coming years, more will surely emerge. If you invest at the right time, a very difficult but possible task, you can make very large profits in a few years.

Some of the most famous Bitcoin billionaires are: The Winklevoss twins, Charlie Shrem, Erik Finman among others.

Many people bought 100 bitcoins in 2010 when it was barely worth a few dollars. Today its price is above $ 9,000, so you will get an idea of the fortunes that have been created. Nothing assures us that in the future Bitcoin will be able to rise as incredibly as it has done so far, but the possibility is there.

Cryptocurrencies in the past have created opportunities to become billionaires. There are several recommendations to achieve a correct investment decision, and more when it comes to cryptocurrencies, due to its high market volatility and documented cases of scams.


Do you need a strategy? Here is a simple and effective one: arrive early, invest, wait for the currency to grow and stabilize, then allocate your profits in another promising new currency.

We are facing a new gold rush. There are no golden nuggets, but they follow the same treasure hunters. Cryptocurrencies have opened the door to the illusion of getting rich, very, very rich. And there are some who have succeeded.

The cryptocurrency universe is opaque and volatile, yet Forbes unveiled the world's first list of crypto billionaires, based on estimates and ranges of net worth. The goal: to bring to light the new great fortunes that try to stay in the shadows.

Also, remember these basic but wise tips if you are looking to be a billionaire:

Develop a written financial plan

One of the main reasons you can't become a billionaire is because you haven't written a financial plan. Developing a financial plan will force you to take action, take action, and stop talking. It will also guide you through the decision-making process to achieve your goals.

Change your expenses for investments

The rich do not spend their money. They invest it . They know that tax laws favor investments rather than expenses. You can buy a house and maybe you will deduct something from the income statement. But it is much better to buy an apartment building that produces a flow of money and offers discounts year after year.

You would buy a car by style or by brand. Billionaires, however, buy cars for their companies that are deductible because they are vehicles used to make a profit.

Partner with billionaires

If one thing is clear, it is that you cannot learn how to make money from someone who does not have much. You need to know what billionaires are doing to make money and follow their example.

What do billionaires read? How do they invest? What drives you? How do you stay motivated and excited?

Are you ready to join the Bitcoin billionaires?