How to Become an App Developer in Teenage?

How to Become an App Developer in Teenage?

With mobile becoming as important as any other essential day-to-day item, one cannot ignore the growing demand and popularity of good mobile applications. While the industry is competitive, one can always make a cut if he is good at this job. If you’re a teenager interested in creating mobile applications, you shouldn’t hold back and start working on ways that will help you become an excellent app developer.

To help teenagers like you bring closer to your dreams, we’ve compiled an epic guide that will help you move forward in the right direction. So read till the end without missing a single point, and implement the steps recommended in real life to move ahead towards your dream of becoming an app developer, irrespective of your age.

  1. Get the Right Education & Training

Assuming you’re in your early teens, the only way for you to learn everything about app development is via resourceful online courses and training. You can also take help from books on the subject to learn everything from basic to advance levels. However, always remember that app development is not easy, and you can only acquire the necessary knowledge and skills if you’re truly interested in becoming an app developer.

If the number of books, courses, and training overwhelms you, signup on Uable, a networking app for teenagers, and seek advice from teenagers who are already a step ahead in the app development journey. It will save much of your resourceful time, and you’ll know which resources deserve your time and money.

  1. Start with One Major Platform

As a beginner, don’t try to put your hands on multiple platforms at once. If you have finished your course or training, it’s time to execute what you’ve learned. Since the market has various major platforms for applications, including- Android, Apple, Symbian, RIM (Blackberry), and Windows, you should start coding for one platform first. Since Android and Apple are the most popular of them all, choose either one of the platforms and begin coding. The more you practice, the better you become at app development, so focus only on practicing and improving your skill.

  1. Choose an Idea for Your App & Start Working

A quick look at any mobile app store will show you that most apps are games. But mobile apps created to boost productivity, meditation, self-help, educational purpose, and entertainment are also not far behind. You have to choose an idea that will form the base of your mobile app. Once you’ve finalized what you want to create, start working on it.

  1. Take Help When Needed

A mistake some teenagers make is trying to do everything alone. Since you’re working on your first app and are a self-learner, chances are you won’t be able to handle every aspect of app development alone at the starting stage, and it is absolutely fine. The best way to ensure your first app is as successful as you wish it to be, don’t shy away from employing some external help in areas you’re weak at.

If you don’t have enough money to hire professional services, you can look for people having the same professional aspirations and interests as you and reach out to them for collaboration. You can find people from the popular teenager community who might be willing to join you as a co-creator of your first app.

  1. Focus on Usability

While creating your first mobile app, don’t ignore usability, as it is a factor that can either make or break your first mobile app. You wouldn’t want to use every inch available on the user’s screen to place app elements, as it can easily irritate users. Incorporate negative space into your app design, and focus on improving usability by tweaking some app elements, colors, navigation features, etc.

  1. Test Your Mobile App for Bugs

Before you decide to upload your app to any app store, make sure you test it for bugs to avoid negative ratings and reviews. An easy way to test it for bugs is by asking a close acquaintance to download your app and use it to identify bugs (if any). Once you’ve got a list of the bugs present on the app, start removing them one by one. You can then freely upload your mobile application, making it accessible for everyone.

  1. Apply for Internships or Paid Gigs

Since teenagers cannot get a full-fledged job before completing their studies, they can surely apply for an internship to enhance their skills. The only way teenagers can attract the company’s attention is by showing them their commitment, passion, and knowledge in the app development field by marketing their first created mobile application. So create, market, and increase your chances to land a lucrative internship or even a paid gig.

Now that you know the exact steps needed to become a teenageapp developer, you should get to work at the earliest and fulfill your dream of becoming an app developer during your teens.