How SEO and Social Media Can Work Together

How SEO and Social Media Can Work Together

SEO and social media are a very powerful combination that you should take advantage of. When you join forces properly it creates the extra boost you need to improve your results (in both SEO and social media).

Doing one or the other can be effective, but it is certainly encouraged that you do both together. These two strategies complement each other and basically work as a team to help you achieve more sustainable results.

These days, with so much competition, no matter the industry you are in, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity you get. There are some critics out there that don’t believe that  SEO  and social media can actually work together.

But these are probably the people stuck in the past and not willing to move forward and look to expand their website. They are probably the same people that think SEO is dead as well (which it most certainly isn’t)!

So take a look below at some of the ways that SEO and social media can work together to give you better results:

1. Quality Content Promotes External Links

Obviously, you will need to have content on your website. As well as this, you should also look to include a blog. If you take the time to develop a proper content strategy with keywords and all the bells and whistles, this will promote visitors who read it to share the article on their social profiles.

Not only does this create another external link to your website, which helps to boost your backlink profile, but it also works wonders in improving your brand awareness! Therefore, it is vital that you make it as easy as possible for users to share your post on social media.

The best way to do this is to include social buttons on your content. So all users have to do is click on the social media platform they would like to share the post on and follow the directions and then you have another backlink.

Also, having all the social buttons is one thing but you must create content that users want to share with their friends and family. Make sure you have an established content strategy and the topics you are writing about are of an interest to your target audience.

2. More Social Media Followers Sends Positive Message To Google

The higher the number of social media followers you have the better it is for your Google ranking. Basically, social followers help build the authority and credibility of your brand and show to Google that your brand is liked (literally!) and well received by users.

These are all signals that Google uses when ranking websites and therefore the more followers you have, the better your chance of receiving a high ranking. For example, a website with only 300 followers will probably not rank as highly as a similar website with over 50,000 followers.

The thought process to try and boost your number of followers may go to purchasing followers, but this isn’t a very good idea. This falls into the black hat SEO component and will not assist in improving your digital marketing efforts. This is because you want real followers who will actually engage with your page.

3. Social Media Profiles and Posts May Rank on Google

Notice how the social media profiles of a company show up in Google when you search for that business? Google treats all social media platforms like a normal page they need to crawl and index. So it is therefore important that your social media pages are optimised to the full.

Here are some great tips to help you get started with social media SEO:

  • Make sure you properly brand all your social media platforms – this means include logo etc. as much as you can.
  • Complete your profile 100% - include as much detail and information as possible.
  • Posting regularly – there is a lot of debate as to how often you should be posting, but try for at least a couple of times each week.

4. Social Media Platforms Also Act As Search Engines

Not only is social media a great way to connect with family and friends etc., it also acts as a search engine. Users can discover and learn new things, including learning about your brand all through the social media search function – they don’t even have to go to Google!

There are a high number of searches that take place every day on social media and this is something you should be looking to take advantage of. Do everything you can to ensure that your brand is searchable on social media because that high number of searches is something you should consider capitalising on.

You should keep your social media profile name the same as your business name (or as close to it as you can). You should also include your logo as your profile picture. When you do these two things will ensure your business is more searchable.

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