How Apple is rewiring Indian teachers to prepare students for digital age

How Apple is rewiring Indian teachers to prepare students for digital age

As the world celebrated Teacher's Day on 5th of September, Apple said that it is helping thousands of educators in India via its 'Apple Teacher' free professional learning programme to prepare learners for the new digital era.

The programme helps educators build foundational skills on iPad and Mac, then guides them through integrating Apple technology into everyday lessons, creating a portfolio of work that's ready to share with leadership, peers, and beyond.

Launched in India in September 2019, Apple Teacher has the tools the school teachers need to use iPad and Mac to connect with all learners, said the company.

"Apple has played an integral role for me as a technology integration specialist. When I first started using iPads in the classroom 11 years ago, it turned out to be a breakthrough in portable and user-friendly technology which opened multiple learning avenues for every kind of learner," said Sana Noor, Apple Teacher-Primary ICT Coordinator, Pathways School Noida.

"As of today, learning in my classroom happens through Apple devices and students of all ages enjoy the apps for learning and creation," she mentioned.

The Apple Teacher Learning Center is updated regularly with skill-building tutorials, downloadable templates and lesson ideas.

The Learning Center provides hundreds of free, Apple-created resources -- from guided tutorials to lesson ideas and hands-on teaching materials.

With the Apple Teacher programme, the educators can earn rewards as they learn new skills and create more engaging lessons.

Kirti Trehan, an Apple Teacher-ICT Coordinator at Prometheus School said that Apple has been a game changer for her teaching "by being able to challenge and excite the students using its amazing apps".

"Keynote being my favourite app which brings together innovation and creativity under one roof," she added.

Lakshmi Priya, an Apple Distinguished Educator-Physics Teacher High School, said that Apple broke the walls of the conventional classroom, magnified and redefined learning for everyone in the community.

"My learning curve is transformed in an exponential manner when I could bring imaginations to tangible outcomes and opportunities to cultivate their imagination and critical thinking. Apple rewired my thinking, teaching and learning practices," Priya noted.

Source: IANS