Homegrown platform 'Most Promising Assessment Service Provider' award belongs to HireMee

Homegrown platform 'Most Promising Assessment Service Provider' award belongs to HireMee

Talent acquisition and talent management platform HireMee has been named the 'Most Promising Assessment Service Provider' by ArdorComm Media, the company said.

The award recognizes HireMee as the most innovative digital platform whose work has helped employers discover talent, it said in a statement.

HireMee, which began as a skill assessment platform for students in tier-2 and tier-3 cities to assist employers to hire pre-qualified talent at no cost, has carved a niche for itself in talent acquisition and talent management by companies.

"The award recognizes the deep impact created by the HireMee assessment platform. HireMee has emerged as a reliable partner in talent acquisition and talent management for companies," said Wing commander K. Krishnan (Retd), Advisor, HireMee.

Founded by Vee Technologies, HireMee's talent acquisition practice is powered by an objective evaluation of verbal, logic, quantitative aptitude, personality traits, communication, computer, and core technical subject competencies.

For IT roles, HireMee validates programming skills. For corporate clients, HireMee conducts company-specific assessment tests.

"Testing coding capability among talent in IT roles is emerging as a critical criterion for companies. HireMee's Talent Management offerings comprising skill assessment and enhancement are a boon for IT companies," said Venkatraman Umakanth, SVP, Analytics and IT, Animations, Vee Technologies.

Recently, BOSCH, Essar Oil & Gas, and Instakart assigned HireMee to assess engineering graduates on its platform before hiring them for the company's operations. In addition, over 500 companies use the HireMee platform for talent acquisition, said the company.

Source: IANS