Here's Why You Should Get A DNA Test Done Now

Here’s Why You Should Get A DNA Test Done Now

In our modern world, there seems to be little place for ancestry. Whereas before, people were judged based on the families and castes they were born into, we now try to be as egalitarian as possible. Everyone should begin with a blank slate, not a prewritten script. So it might seem counterintuitive that ancestry DNA tests have become so popular recently.

People are rushing to spit into a tube and send their DNA off for analysis. They want to know where their ancestors originated and where they traveled over the centuries. Is this not a regression?

Indeed, some people try to use these tests to prove the purity of their heritage. White supremacists, for example, have tried to co-opt the technology. However, the truth is that these tests very much perform the opposite function.

As you can see in this MyHeritage review, an ancestry test won’t give you the answers you’re looking for. On the contrary. It will tell you just how diverse your heritage is, no matter how much your more recent ancestors tried to keep it in the family. White supremacists looking for racial “purity” are not going to find the uniform answers they want.

Ancestry DNA tests will show just how connected all humans are. But are there any other reasons to try one of these tests? If you are already on board with diversity, is there a point?

Here is the convincing reason why you should get a DNA test done.

The health benefits

A DNA test can have very practical benefits for you. Most importantly, they can tell you if you have a genetic predisposition to any illnesses. This is especially useful when it comes to certain types of cancer. Awareness that it might be a problem for you will encourage you to have regular tests done. Early diagnosis is critical and can be the primary factor that saves your life.

You can also learn how to live life in a way that is more healthy for you in particular. Certain genetic roots, for example, are consistent with lactose intolerance.

The familial legacy

Ancestry DNA tests can also have a very real effect on your family. Aside from the interesting information about your heritage that you will learn, you may also find relatives you never knew about. It is possible that your great-grandparents lost contact with important family members due to hardship or war. Ancestry tests can put you in touch with anyone who comes up as a likely relative.

Many people have already met family members they did not know about, including siblings.There have been a few people shocked by their results, finding out that a relative they thought was dead is actually alive somewhere.

Meeting relatives is not just exhilarating, but it can give you a better perspective of your family tree. They will know information about shared ancestors that you never even suspected. They can also tell you if their family has a predisposition to any particular illnesses, which will give you even more understanding of potential health issues.

Ancestry DNA tests have very practical benefits. Rather than divide people, they are bringing us closer together than ever.

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