Helping Startup Founders Rocket Their Dream Through Pitching Investors: Meet Gourav Choudhury

Helping Startup Founders Rocket Their Dream Through Pitching Investors: Meet Gourav Choudhury

"Big things have small beginnings." This quote by T.E Lawrence from the movie Lawrence of Arabia probably holds for every startup entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur starts small, gradually making up the success ladder with grit and determination.

Rendering dreams into tangible reality, no matter how trivial it might be, is no easy task. But what happens when your dream is to make others desire and ideas into a reality? To put life into lifeless ideas, for what are ideas, if not ideas inert fragments of a mind, right? Setting foot in the startup world is severe; it's a slope, and one often needs guidance to establish a firm foot.

But who will provide this guidance? Such was the dream of Gourav Choudhury when he came up with the idea of Startupshive.


Like some ideal Bollywood dream, it all had started as a passion over the years; Gourav had been an active member of the startup ecosystem and enjoyed writing Business plans and pitch decks for his network.

However, he soon realized that many startups lag because they do not have an adequate pitch or experience in formulating them. He says "Startups get rejected not because of the idea, but because of their lack of understanding of the investors' mindset.

Hence Startupshive was born after contemplative struggles, exclusively to help startup founders with the know-how before pitching to investors and to bring awareness among the startup founders the importance of business.

In his own words, "Having worked with 500 plus startup founders, and I learned that the "First Step taken is half the journey completed." The competition is always tight, and I believe that a good team and assistance can provide a significant boost."

"When a founder turns to us, they can be sure of the genuineness of service," He claims. And one can vouch for that, for he has already set an example of bootstrapping by starting Startupshive with zero investment and four freelancers. Today the company has a team size of 18 employees and is on track to generate revenue of 1 crore just within the first financial year of its start.

Today, Startupshive after having helped hundreds of startups kick-start their business all over the country and even abroad. It claims to have a 93% founder satisfaction rate and core values of efficiency, passion, and reliability, making sure that founders that turn to them never go home unsatisfied. "30% of the total founders that reach us are through references", Gourav claims.

Startupshive is a 360-degree support platform for a founder, its services include reviewing or preparing a pitch deck and detailed business plan from scratch, getting the financial projections and valuation ready, founder grooming, and even helping founders with bootstrapping plan. In a nutshell, it's like a one-stop solution for all pitching and growth needs that startup founders might have. Having reviewed over a thousand pitch deck, Startupshive has something to offer to everybody, whether the startup is self-funded, looking for growth, or just stepping into the startup world.