HarjeetKaur's Magic from Zee Music's Zindagi is Still Alive

HarjeetKaur's Magic from Zee Music's Zindagi is Still Alive

Model and Author Harjeet Kaur is heating the market as she runs her Social Media like a pro. Debuting through Zee Music's Zindagi, This Sikhni is raising her profession's ladder with coloured flags. Receiving unconditional love, Ms Kaur is proliferating on her Instagram Id @the_harjeetkaur. At the same time, her magic from Zindagi is still in the air.

Born to a Joint Sikh Family, Harjeet's struggle to work in show business was never less than a movie story. Harjeet Kaur Sehmi was a stubborn kid that broke all stereo typical barriers and stood up for her dreams.

Harjeet plays the role of a town girl madly in love who gets trapped by some misunderstanding. After struggling and making her way into the industry, she joined Zee Music Single Zindagi last year. The viewers also praised her Performance Soak-In-Love and Passion with her co-star.

Soon After the song's release, the comment section was flooded with applause and cheer for her performance. Even after a year, her viewers are commenting on her performance. For instance, one of the recent comments highlighted, "This girl Harjeet Kaur has come a very long way. She is an inspiration for all the girls."

"In the past, people were very unfair to her, but now she is enjoying all the happiness which she deserves Love" the person added.

As her magic of Zindagi is still in the air, lately, Harjeet has seen a hike in her social media followers with a boom. Scoring more than 49k followers on Instagram, Harjeet is on the verge of joining 50k followers on her social media. On her social media platform, she inspires girls who dream big in life, shares her lifestyle, and shoots glimpses.

Covering the reel segment, she shares trendy and dear-to-soul content. Posting verse her reels are to the roof, one of her reels, 'Buri Mai Ban Chuki Hoon,' has touched 1.5m viewers on IG.

Nilesh Pandey composed and sang Zindagi, a music single. This romantic single starred Harjeet Kaur and Sath Nibhana Sathiya's Paras Babbar together. This bold girl has recently launched her website as (harjeetkaursehmi.com)