Government to emphasise MSME and semiconductor sectors

Government to emphasise MSME and semiconductor sectors

In addition to more traditional industries like agriculture and health care, the government will prioritize the MSME, semiconductor, and wind energy sectors in the state budget this year. Public suggestions have also been requested by the government.

Finance and commercial taxes minister Jagdish Devda has said that increasing per capita income and bringing MP into the category of leading states is the topmost priority of the government. He said that budget priorities have to be fixed to increase the income of the farmers and take advantage of a conducive environment for investment.

Devda held a discussion with industry groups and experts in a pre-budget discussion at the academy of administration.

The finance minister said that this initiative has yielded positive results. In this process, more than 2,500 suggestions were received. Based on these suggestions, topics like child budget, increase in capital expenditure, implementation of PESA rule, the budget provision in the health sector, giving special incentives to, semiconductor companies, giving special packages for wind power generation, special attention to the MSME sector and timely payment of incentives to industries are included. Its results are apparent in the current financial year. He said that democracy gets strengthened if the budget of the state is made by the people of the state, for the people, and by the people.

Devda said that PM Narendra Modi has resolved to take the country’s economy to 5 trillion by 2025. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan is making efforts to ensure our state should contribute significantly to the resolution. Our effort is to make the state’s economy reach 550 billion. He said that the PM has called for giving maximum jobs to the youth.

Under the leadership of CN Chouhan, work is being done in the form of a mission in the state to increase employment opportunities.