Government Officials Can Leap Onto Politics After Retiring

Bangalore: Government officials might find it easy to enter politics soon after they retire from their job following a new policy which is backed by three ministries in favor of officers who want to join politics and contest elections after retirement, reports Nagendar Sharma for Hindustan Times.

This proposal is being supported by ministries of home, law and personnel. But,  the rule was shown a red signal by the government’s top law officer, attorney general GE Vahanvati, who states that such a move would be against the basic rules of the Indian constitution.

“Any such restriction whether by way of service rules or by way of an amendment of the election laws may not stand the test of valid classification under the article of the constitution which deals with equality before law,” Vahanvati told HT.

He further added, “As far as contesting elections is concerned, it is a fundamental and basic feature of the constitution….Unless an individual incurs disqualification from contesting according to the law, this right cannot be curtailed till there is constitutional basis for doing so.”

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