GoDaddy appoints Aman Bhutani as new CEO

One of the popular online sites, GoDaddy, names an Indian American as its Chief Executive Officer.

FREMONT, CA: Scottsdale-based GoDaddy appointed Aman Bhutani as its new CEO. In his newly appointed post, Bhutani will be responsible for the complete GoDaddy affairs. Bhutani replaces Scott Wagner, who is stepping down due to health issues.

Bhutani brings 20 years of experience in the varied field of technical, leadership, and management. He has worked for the Expedia Group for nine years. Lately, Bhutani served as the president of Brand Expedia Group, which includes the flagship Expedia brand, Travelocity, and Orbitz, among the others, stated GoDaddy in a press release.

The board of experts at GoDaddy and Wagner had to work hard to identify the right fit and lay down the groundwork for a smooth transition. Bhutani brings a wealth of experience to GoDaddy, said the company in a press release. Wagner also praised Bhutani and considers him to be a great successor.

Before serving as the president of Brand Expedia, Bhutani served as the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice-President of Engineering.

Bhutani acquired his Masters from Lancaster University. He started his career as a senior engineer with ConneXions Technologies and had a long stint with JP Mogan Chase. Later, he joined Expedia.

Having worked as Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP of Engineering, Bhutani led the development team for a unique global technology platform, which was developed to support multiple brands and partners. This solution serves 90 million monthly with single visitors and driving more than $50 billion in the annual gross booking value. 

GoDaddy is an internet-based public company. The firm specializes in small online business services, small marketing solutions, domain registration, website hosting, and web-based tools for websites. The company also provides online security solutions and mobile services.

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Source: IANS