From Corporate Biggies to Entertainers to Sports Personalities: Meet The Fresh Faces In LS Polls 2014

PC Sorcar Jr: Magician extraordinaire, PC Sorcar Jr who has grabbed eyeballs across the world with his magic is now going to grab votes too. He will try and wrest the Barasat seat in West Bengal for the BJP. Sorcar Junior is one of the most celebrated magicians in the country and has also received the Merlin Award in Magic. P.C. Sorcar Junior dignified the status of magic further more from the position where his father left it, to this futuristic mystery-spectacular-entertainment show for the intellectuals, successfully competing with the other forms of theatrical shows.

Sorcar exclaimed, "My success as a magician is well-established but my success as a politician has not yet been established. I have just entered a new world," reports ET. "I want to see my country and its leaders free from corruption and I will work sincerely towards this goal and I don't think I need to entertain my electors to get their votes," he added.

Prathap Simha: Kannada journalist Pratap Simha has been fielded by BJP for the upcoming polls. Simha, is very well known and a highly controversial name in Karnataka who calls himself a 'rightist' journalist. He is famous for his hardcore 'Hindutva' views. This young and budding politico started his career as a journalist in a leading Kannada daily 'Vijaya Karnataka' in 1999 as a trainee and soon became its lead edit writer. His column 'Bettale Jagattu' meaning 'the nude world' became famous because of his strong pro-Hindutva views and his attack on anybody opposed to that ideology. Simha has written several books in Kannada including the one on Narendra Modi, whom he idolizes as his hero.

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