Famous People That Invested in Bitcoin

Famous People That Invested in Bitcoin

Bitcoin has numerous advantages over both regular payment methods and other cryptocurrencies and that is the reason why it managed to remain on top for so many years. While many people thought that when Bitcoin was invented, it is just another scam, it proved to be anything but that.

Thanks to this cryptocurrency, people can now pay safely and with great efficiency for various products and services online. Not only that, but Bitcoin allowed them to make substantial amounts of money. It is reported that there are around 100,000 millionaires in the world who managed to make their fortune by trading with this cryptocurrency.

That’s the reason why Bitcoin’s network counts around 5 million users, with thousands more joining each day. Numerous celebrities are among those 5 million users and that is exactly what we wanted to discuss in this article. We are going to take a look at some famous people that invested in Bitcoin.

Elon Musk

The first person on our list is one of the greatest inventors of our time. Thanks to Elon Musk, travelling to space looks easy, paying online is very efficient, and people can drive the eco-friendliest cars in the world. Speaking of these cars, Elon’s company Tesla invested over $1.5 billion in Bitcoin back in February and announced that they will accept it as a payment method.

More so, it was reported that Tesla made a billion in profits after they invested in Bitcoin. Additionally, they helped Bitcoin's value spiked in a matter of few days and reach $50,000 for the first time in history. Hence, numerous people started signing up to the network to trade with the cryptocurrency.

Some of the best trading platforms in the world like Yuan Pay Group even helped them maximize their profits. Thanks to the advanced AI system that they have, traders can generate the highest possible revenue. These AI systems collect data about Bitcoin and analyze it to make accurate predictions on its future fluctuations.

The aforementioned platform has recorded massive success in this field, which is why it has thousands of registered users from all around the world.


Next up, we have the retired rapper Logic. Even though he is still heavily involved in music, Logic announced that he will retire after dropping his last album, No Pressure. Back in September 2020, he announced that he invested $6 million in Bitcoin.

At the time, Bitcoin’s price hasn’t spiked yet and it was around $10,000. He hasn’t shared any details on his profits, but you can only calculate his revenue from the investment.

Serena Williams

Serena is one of the GOATs in tennis. She managed to lift the standards beyond anything that we could imagine. Apart from being a class player, she is also known for her business ventures. Her investment is a little bit different than others, though.

She put her money into trading platforms like the one we mentioned above and started a movement. The investment turned out to be very profitable which is why many people around the world followed her steps.

50 Cent

Back in 2014, 50 Cent released his album Animal Ambition for which he stated that he will be accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. At the time, he was one of the first artists to accept this cryptocurrency as a payment method. Even though there is no accurate data on how much money he made, he did state that many people purchased the album with the cryptocurrency.

Some reports have stated that 50 Cent earned millions. Sources close to him said that he netted around 700 Bitcoins, which were valued at around $600 then. You do the math on their worth today.