Extraordinary Indians Who Make Us Proud

Udhay Shankar:

The boy who created the thinking wheelchair known as Chivalrous Humanitarian Ideological Loiter Device (CHILD), Udhay Shankar, empowered millions of disabled people around the world with his great innovation.

CHILD is a multiple-utility based system that helps people unable to walk or move around independently. The device consists of a motion control based on Gesture, Strain, IFR Remote and Dual-tone Multi-frequency signalling. A Haptic Arm and Tray has been attached to help the visually impaired avoid obstacles while navigating. The system is also RFID and password enabled to ensure user security.

This innovation of Shankar is the result of his experience of seeing his father struggle to live a life of dignity while confined to the wheelchair. Watching his father, a cancer patient, struggling everyday with the inability to be independent, he realize he had to do something about it. The experience shaped his entire approach to develop something out of the box.

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