Exotic travel Destinations To Plan at Mauritius

 Exotic travel Destinations To Plan at Mauritius

Everyone needs to take some time to relax and enjoy themselves, and traveling seems to do the trick for almost everyone. The world is full of exotic destinations, each one more thrilling than the last; there are some places you must visit at least once in your life. If you are musing about taking a vacation and want to go somewhere other than your usual destination, you've come to the right place. So what is the foundational thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "travel" – vacation? Getting to know new people? Or how about Instagrammable sunsets? While traveling can be thrilling and exciting, it is much more than sipping margaritas on a sun-kissed beach. It's no secret that travel is good for your physical health. Still, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that exploring a new place can also benefit your mental and emotional health.

Traveling is not about exploring the destination; it is also about living your dreams in those exotic places; if you are ready to barter in traditional and classic and try out innovative, head over to Mauritius, which is inhabited by a multi-racial, peaceful population covered in excellent golf courses, presenting a variety of water sports, mountain trekking, hunting, birdwatching, luxurious resorts, an old colonial capital, great food, three- and four-star hotels, one of the world's best botanical gardens, good nightlife, beautiful beach bars, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one of the world's oldest horseracing tracks, great sightseeing and so on.

Mauritius is an island dominion in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. It is part of the Mascarene Islands physiographically, and Port Louis is the capital. About 500 miles east of Madagascar. Rodrigues Island is located approximately 340 miles (550 km) east of the main island, the Cargados Carajos Shoals are located approximately 250 miles (400 km) northeast of the main island, and the Agalega Islands are located approximately 580 miles (930 km) north of the main island. Mauritius also attests sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago (including Diego Garcia), 1,250 miles (2,000 km) to the northeast, although Britain disputes this claim.

Mauritius has some of the world's most exotic beaches. Beaches such as Belle Mare and Trou aux Beaches, known for their clear blue waters and white sands, make Mauritius a sun worshiper's paradise. If you're looking for something other than sunbathing, you'll be surprised at how much the island has to offer.

Discover the  most exotic  Paradise  beach  in the east of Mauritius- BELLE MARE

The beach at Belle Mare is regarded as the most beautiful beach in Mauritius by many tourists. Still, it is also trendy among island residents, who visit the beach primarily on weekends and holidays. This part of the island is very authentic. It retains the island's spirit despite the rapid development seen in other cities along the coast, particularly Grand Bay, Flic en Flac, and Black River. The beach at Belle Mare is located near the town of Mahebourg on Mauritius's southeast coast. If you go to the beach, you will find long stretches of pristine white sand, turquoise sea with crystal clear water, and large casuarina trees. The beach is surrounded by unspoiled nature because this side of the island has seen little development aside from a few luxury villas and hotels.

The Belle Mare beach, especially on weekdays, is ideal for swimming and diving. The beach is calm and peaceful and ideal for nature lovers who want to sunbathe and relax in the shade of casuarina trees on miles of sandy beach.

A World  Leading  Beach Destination –TROU-AUX-BICHES

Trou-aux-Biches embarked on as a fishing village in the nineteenth century, and its name appears on the Lislet-Geoffroy map, drawn in 1807 during the island's French colonial rule. In the modern era, it has evolved into a small town with a two-kilometer-long white sand beach shaded by casuarina trees, snorkeling reefs, boutique shops, a supermarket, and other facilities along the B38 road catering to family tourism The beach is said to be one of the most beautiful islands by the World Travel group. At the World Travel Award for 2011, it was named the World's Leading Beach Destination.  The Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa is one of many tourist resorts and boutique hotels near the beach, and the beach is also well known for watching the sunset.

The Unspoilt Rainforest  of Mauritius  The Black River Gorges National  Park

Mauritius' Black River Gorges National Park is the island's largest protected forest. Over 50 kilometres of beautiful and challenging hiking trails are available. Whether you favour a hardcore climb to the highest peak or a gentler ramble through the forest, this is the best way to get into Mauritius' profound nature.The National Park has four entrance points. This green area will plug you with a feeling of peacefulness and peace as you stroll through nature. This nature reserve has over 50 kilometers of trails where you can trek and learn about the island's rich and diverse flora and fauna. Over 300 species of flowering plants and nine birds unique to Mauritius live in the enchanting, wild expanse of thick forest, including the famous pink pigeon, making a slow but steady comeback from the brink of extinction. As you explore further, you'll come across enchanting waterfalls (particularly Alexandra Falls), pristine rivers, picnic areas, vast canyons, and dramatic mountain ranges, all of which create panoramic views.

Not to forget The Black River Gorges

Welcome to the Black River Gorges, located in the southwestern region of Mauritius, with nearly 17,000 acres of rolling hills, deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls, and unparalleled beauty of flora and fauna. It covers 2% of Mauritius' dense native forests and rolling hills in the southwest.

The Black River Gorges Nature Reserve was established to protect the island's natural vegetation while also serving as one of the most important Mauritian attractions. The Black River Peak, the island's highest point, can be reached by walking through the greenery.

Tamarind Waterfalls – A Sight To Behold 


Mauritius has beaches, lagoons, many rivers, associated lakes, creeks, and waterfalls as a tropical island. As a popular tourist destination, the island's abundant natural attractions may not be as untainted and untouched as they were even twenty years ago. The Tamarind Waterfalls by itself is a collection of seven different waterfalls, with multiple spots from where you can jump down into the deep pool below, making it a heaven for adventure enthusiasts. However, they're still a sight to behold. Situated near the tiny fishing village of Henrietta, Tamarind Falls (also known as Tamarin Falls) is a highly well-known tourist destination, which despite being a little hard to reach, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mauritius, famous for its breathtaking surroundings and its perfect ambiance which makes it a definite exotic location to attract  the tourists.

Mauritius is one of the world's most traditional and classic islands. These places above distinguished the island in the world which will make you visit  back again for sure .