Everything You Need to Know about Google's RCS Facility in India

Everything You Need to Know about Google's RCS Facility in India

What Does RCS Stands for?

Abbreviated to Rich Communication Services, RCS is the next-generation of text messaging. It is a new online protocol chosen for adoption by the GSM Association (GSMA) in 2008, which is meant to replace the current texting standard SMS, that got introduced in the early 1990s. RCS offers advanced features such as file transfer, typing indicators, multimedia and more. The RCS messages are sent with client-to-server encryption.

How RCS Can Transform the SMS facility?

Decades ago, with an aim to retrace RCS, several industry promoters started developing the RCS protocol and back in 2016, GSMA launches a Universal Profile for RCS. However, after the launch, 47 mobile operators, 11 smart phone makers and two operating system makers agreed to support the RCS.

RCS Messaging allow users to send rich, verified messages that carry more information and enable users to send images, videos and audio messages to others. Also, users need not download any 3rd party software to make video calls, as video calls can be made directly from the messaging app. RCS will also take away the restriction of 160 character limit currently found in SMS. In terms of security, RCS protocol prevents spam messages from reaching the devices. The messages received from the RCS will also have the company’s name along with the mobile phone number.

How Google’s RCS in India Work?

Google works on this RCS protocol to create its ‘Jibe Cloud’ to implement RCS Universal Profile. However, the adoption is extremely slow as it cut into the SMS revenue of the cellular carriers. It also announced that it rolls out RCS support as an opt-in service through the ‘Messages’ app and it works on Wi-Fi or mobile data.

In addition, Google clarified that it will host this opt-in service instead of waiting for the carriers and reports claim that any Android smartphone user on any telecom operator can opt-in for RCS. The company also started internal testing in the beta version of its ‘Messages’ app.

To enable RCS features, open Google Messages app, Tap on the three dot button, head over to Settings – Chat Features, and turn on the toggle next to ‘Enable Chat Features’.