Effect of UBER and other taxi alternatives on car rental in Dubai

Effect of UBER and other taxi alternatives on car rental in Dubai

With the fast rise of technological developments and insights, it is important to note that the city of Dubai has raised its standard. The car dealing and rental companies have made giant strides in recent years with each sector moving towards the peak of technology. Companies like Ford and Toyota have accelerated the car sector with fleets of different fast hybrid cars. Uber and its competitors which includes taxi and other agencies has drastically changed the transportation agency in recent years. However, Car rental Dubai suffers a little injury from this competition.

Uber and taxi in the city of Dubai offers exotic car fleets to ply the road to satisfy passengers causing a little worry to Car rental Dubai. However, Car rental services are still ahead of taxi and Uber services. This is because Uber and other taxi services can be very frustrating and disappointing. The following reasons are enough to prove that Car rental Dubai is better than Uber and other taxi alternatives.

SURGE PRICING: Surge pricing for Uber is controversial and brings a major disturbance to customers. Surge pricing is a method of pricing in the free stock market that involves raising and lowering prices depending on demand and supply. This is unlike Rent a Car Dubai, where the price for each car remains static and fixed irrespective of seasons and bonus and benefits are even attached to cars that are on lease for a longer period. Most times depending on the Uber or taxi demands, prices for Uber and taxi services can increase by a heavy percentage. At super peak times, the price rating could be either doubled or tripled. These hikes are regular during high demands for cars, such as rush hour or during rain and snow storms thereby exploiting passengers. However, the affordable services provided by Car rental Dubai has allowed a lot of users to use car rental services at a low cost no matter the season.

COMFORTABILITY: Renting a car at a rental company is better than hiring an Uber. This is because when you rent a car, you have the liberty to pick any car and enjoy the full luxury that comes with the car like playing your ideal music, using the AC, driving slow or fast and playing smoking too. There is greater comfort to be enjoyed when you rent a car than when you use the Uber or taxi service.

TRIP CANCELLATION: Uber or taxi drivers can frustrate your journey by cancelling your trip due to a particular rural location or past history zone. These trip cancellations by Uber or taxi companies can cause disruptions to a passenger's plans (e.g. missed flights) creating chaos and bringing a lot of burden to the affected person. Monthly Rent a Car Dubai provides you with car rental services to avoid this type of unwanted scenarios.

FEAR OF CONTACTING DEADLY ILLNESSES: Using Uber and taxi alternatives exposes customers to unhealthy illnesses. There is a high chance of contracting a disease in a local taxi or Uber as there is no proper sanitation process carried out after a passenger uses the vehicle. Although Uber and Lyft continue to operate in most areas, both companies are encouraging would-be riders to stay home if they can especially in times like this where the rate of viruses is on a rise. Using a rental car helps a passenger to be safe from deadly illnesses as rental cars are for personal use. This factor is another reason of Car rental Dubai is better than Uber and other taxi alternatives.

SAFETY CONCERN: Safety concerns have also emerged in many cities and states where the transportation industry regulations are lax and average citizens can easily enter the e-hail network as service providers. Although this has a positive effect by increasing the supply of drivers, these drivers might not be as motivated to reach high standards of professionalism and safety. Anyone who picks up a ride can decide to drive at his will without the consent of his passenger which is very different when you rent a car in Dubai. Also, it has been observed that a great deal of Uber drivers do not service their vehicles and as such they are not road worthy. To guarantee your safe trips in Dubai, Rent a Car Dubai is the best option for you.


The transportation sector in Dubai is of high standard with Car rental Dubai proving in recent years to be the best option for residents and tourists in Dubai. Although, Uber and other taxi alternatives exist in Dubai, Rent a Car Dubai has created a hallmark for excellence. If you are resident or tourist in Dubai, the best way to move around the city is by employing the services of Car rental Dubai.