Deadliest Submarine Mishaps In The World

Submarine K-159

K-159 was a nuclear-powered submarine; it was launched in the year 1963 and was part of the Soviet Northern Fleet.

The submarine was decommissioned by the navy to be dismantled. The navy with the help of a ship tied the vessel so that it can be pulled to the scrapyard. Since the sub was in a bad shape they had to use platoons to help it float in the water.  K-159 was attached to pontoons on the sides. Pontoons are floating devices used to float planes, rafts boats, etc. The submarine was lead by a crew of 10 mariners. Although the ship was decommissioned, the nuclear reactor in the ship was not diffused.

According to the official version, the K-159 submarine sank due to a storm, the storm is said to have ripped apart the pontoons and the submarine was dragged to 200 meters down to the bottom. During that time there was strong opposition from people and media, as they felt the officials were not giving the clear reason for the tragedy.

The members on board drowned in the waters of the cold Barents Sea and only 1 submariner survived the mishap.