Deadliest Submarine Mishaps In The World

Bangalore: The tragic news of explosion and sinking of INS Sindhurakshak submarine has laid a major question on India’s naval capabilities. The accident that took place at the Mumbai Naval dockyard is regarded as the most horrific disaster in the Indian naval history.

Gliding in the sea waters might look easy, but it has got its own problems. The INS Sindhurakshak tragedy will always be the saddest moment in the history of Indian Navy. Keeping this incident in mind, here is a timeline of some of the major accidents of submarines which has taken place around the world

Submarine Kursk

Kursk was a nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine, launched in the year 1994 by Russia. The submarine was destroyed in an explosion in the yearr 2001 which lead to the death of all mariners.

According to investigations, the fuel in torpedo had ignited and this was the reason for the blast. The Russian officials in their statement admitted that the torpedo in the submarine was outdated.

About nine days after the Kursk explosion, all 118 sailors on board were declared dead. When the body of the Lieutenant Captain Kolesnikov was recovered, a chit in his pocket revealed that there were 23 survivors waiting to be rescued. The crew had survived along with the captain for two days in a small part of the vessel which had fallen on to the bed of the sea.

The small part of the vessel containing the 23 dead soldiers was recovered and they were cremated with military honors.