Corporate India's Reaction on Modi's Comeback

Anuj Gulati, Managing Director & CEO, Religare Health Insurance

anujA good health index is the fulcrum for a progressive and productive society. We gladly welcome initiatives that will help facilitate access to quality healthcare for all strata's of the population. Since health insurance is an effective healthcare financing tool, it would be most beneficial to have programs/initiatives that drive health insurance enrolment and therefore address the challenges of under-penetration and inadequate coverage

Dr Keshab Panda, CEO & Managing Director, L&T Technology Services


This election is a victory for Indian democracy and the people's mandate. A stable and clear majority is always beneficial to business and international trade and commerce. As India builds up on its global position of being a leader in new-age innovations, it is the right time to leverage the country's unique capabilities to serve as a best-in-class ER&D services destination. We can expect to see growing demand for technology expertise in several critical areas such as smart cities, connected healthcare and Electric Vehicle technologies, backed by the Government's active policy framework. We foresee technology companies coming out with digital engineering solutions catering to all of these in the coming years. .

Jitin Chadha, Founder & Director, Indian School of Business & Finance (ISBF)


It's heartening to see a strong constitutional majority instead of fragmented results. A single party government certainly stands at a better position to achieve economic stability, earning the confidence of both national and foreign investors. Expectations will increase in terms of the influx of investments being put to use to improve infrastructure at primary, secondary as well as higher education level, focusing on skill development and upgrading Indian education system to match the international standards, ultimately creating industry-ready professionals. Following that, with a stabilized economy, employment opportunities, a metric that has often been a source of disappointment in the past, is also expected to grow considerably.

Suman Reddy, MD, Pegasystems India

The government, through a range of forward-looking policies has a track record being a catalyst to the IT sector in India. The results give us hope that the groundwork laid during the previous regime will translate to an improved policy environment and faster industry growth over the next five years. Every player in the industry is looking to operate in a competitive environment, find market opportunities to grow, and create jobs. Companies have seen the fruits of a favorable business climate created and are working towards the united goal of creating a trillion dollars of economic value through the digital economy by 2025. They also look forward to adequate levels of protection to maintain India's competitive advantage over other regional tech hubs and respect the interest of consumers using their services. What we look forward to from the next phase of India's governance: Extend the success of various initiatives and policies already introduced, like Digital India and Startup India. Balance interests of the customers and enterprises, in terms of data governance, data storage, support for startups in emerging technologies. Further clarity on AI innovation focus by the government through regulations and initiatives as the global AI race heats up. Fair operating environment for startups and SMEs to scale, expand globally, and raise investments. Improving clarity around key regulations necessary for large tech centres to operate, expand and contribute to the national economy.