Clavent's TESTFEST USA marks an astounding performance with 15+ Speakers and various countries participating virtually

Clavent's TESTFEST USA marks an astounding performance with 15+ Speakers and various countries participating virtually

After successfully executing TestCon 2020 virtually this year, Clavent came up with The TestFest USA. TestFest is a series of software testing mini-conferences coming up in the USA, South Africa, Australia, England, Philippines, Singapore, India with 8 hours of live amazing sessions distributed over 2 days, so you get time to sink into the learnings and reflect upon it without much affecting your work schedule. Clavent concluded the first virtual version of Testfest called TestFest USA on 10th-11th of December and got a great response:-

Few Interesting Talks:-

  1. AI-Driven QualityEngineering - The Future of Software Testing by Sai Chintala & Sairam Vedram from Innominds

Sai & Sairam prominently covered-

  • Achieving unrivaled market acceleration through software quality
  • Delivering better software quality at breath neck speeds for Global Enterprises, ISVs and OEMs
  • AI-driven QE platform -iHarmony to achieve 100x test acceleration using intelligent automation
  1. Manual Testing Is Not Dead: Just the Definition by Erika Chestnut from Calendly

Erica energetically explained how to resurrect, reclaim and redefine manual testing to showcase the value of humans testing all things.

  1. Testing People & People Testing- Covid-19 massive testing by Valentin Guerlesquin from National Bank of Canada

Valentin gave a fantastic talk and explained the role of testing efficiency and also how important it is in terms of the current scenario and how to majorly improve it.

  1. Automation lets you down? Let's explore 5 reasons why by Brijesh Deb from Sogeti

One of the finest session, where Brijesh shed light on

1. Understand why automation projects fail

2. Understand the common mistakes people make while trying to implement automation in their projects.

3. Understand the mindset needed for implementing automation correctly.

4. Gain confidence in the automation capabilities

  1. Skyrocket your career - Find and thrive in the career you deserve by Raj Subrameyer from Chailatte Consulting

A great session on boosting your career by Raj, he explained different ways to identify your dream career and work towards it & Strategies to set us miles apart from our competition and get the career growth we deserve.

  1. Panel Discussion - Will Test Automation put Manual Testing into the shade? By Sairam Vedam, Dawn Haynes, Melissa Benua, Shilpi Bansal, Evgeny Tkachenko.

The highlight of day 2, the big panel discussion, very well driven and turned out to be one of the most beneficial talk sessions for all the participants.

  1. How to Use Game Theory to Drive a Cultural Change and Improve Quality by Janna Loeffler from Equinox Media

Janna did a fantastic session and dug deeper into why initiatives tend to fail & how to use a game theory to drive a cultural change and shared practical examples of how to use a game to improve quality.

       Closing Note:-

TESTFEST USA was yet another successful event organized by Clavent. With more than 15+ Speakers from the USA and 500+ attendees and 1 giant panel discussion.

Source: Press Release