Clash of Clans vs. Clash Royale - Which one you should play in 2021?

Clash of Clans vs. Clash Royale - Which one you should play in 2021?

Probably both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are the biggest and most popular games of the current era. Both are created by the same developers and shared the same universe, as well as characters.

Introduction of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a Real-time Mobile Strategy game developed by Supercell for Mobile Devices. The game features different types of troops and assigns you a task with building a village of your dream, raise a powerful clan, and defeat rival clans in epic wars. The prominent troop types are the following: Wizards, Barbarians, and more. When start playing the game, your goal is to join a clan of friends or other players.

Put your skills to test in the competitive Clan War Leagues and prove you’re the best among others. During the war, you should plan the best battle strategy using an endless combination of spells, heroes, and troops. In the game, you are supposed to gather resources, defend your house from enemy attacks, unlock heroes, and research new technologies. If you’re new to Clash of Clans and don’t want to start from the beginning, then you can visit marketplaces to buy Clash of Clans Account.

Introduction of Clash Royale

Clash Royale is the best Mobile Strategy game that involves you fighting against other players in epic battles. It brings you close to the epic gameplay where you experience the real-time Multiplayer gameplay where you see your favorite characters fighting against each other. When playing the game, the player needs to gather and upgrade dozens of cards, introducing the Clash of Clans Troops, Defenses, Spells,and more you are familiar with and love. Your ultimate goal is to knock the opposing king and princesses from their defenses to take on them and win trophies. At the end of the battle, the game rewards the winner with crowns and glory points.


Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are belonged to the same developer, Supercell, and are considered the most popular mobile games. Both titles share the same universe and have similar characters, environments, and weapons. They work on the same genre but comes with a lot of differences.


Although sharing the same world and characters, lots of differences exist in both titles. Apart from characters and worlds, both titles have many differences from each other when it comes to gameplay.

Clash of Clans is offering real-time strategic gameplay and is considered an action mixed strategic game as well. When playing the game, you have to build your base using your strategy skills and defend it from other players. After that, attack enemies’ bases and loot their resources.

You will face off real-time players available there from all over the world when playing the Clash of Clans video game.

On the other hand, Clash Royale is a Tower Defense video game that seems more likely to a Tower Defense game. Like the Clash of Clans, you will face off real-world opponents in the battle arena.

Upon conquering the battlefield, the game rewards you with trophies which you can use to unlock premium items. Those items you unlock can be used in Multiplayer battles as well. The ultimate goal of the game is to smash the tower of opponents while protecting your own to advance.