Chandigarh University Engineering Students Develop Multipurpose Crop Residue Manager to Solve Problems in Indian Agriculture

Chandigarh University Engineering Students Develop Multipurpose Crop Residue Manager to Solve Problems in Indian Agriculture

With an objective to overcome the problem of crop residue, a team of Mechanical Engineering students of Chandigarh University have come-up with an innovative and economical solution known as ‘Multi-purpose Crop Residue Manager’, which help the farmers to cut the crop residue from roots in the farms.

Commenting on this, Dilpreet Singh, comments, “The farmers of India are already under heavy loan debt and hence cannot invest in costly machines such as Happy Seeder which costs around 1.40 lacs and as a result the famers find it easy & economical to just burn the crop residue in the fields itself that results in environment pollution. We have attached a handle to the movable machine which runs on a 14.25 hp engine and has the efficiency to harvest one acre of land in around 40 minutes consuming just one liter fuel." The machine which comes with three attachments that can be used depending upon the type of crop can deeply cut the crop residue from root and hence no residue is left in the field”.

The team based from Punjab consists of Dilpreet Singh, Navej Sindhi, Urvish Agnihotri, Ranjan Kumar and Sahil from Himachal Pradesh’s solution will solve crop residue and stubble burning problems in Indian agriculture in an economical way. However, to address the crop residue and stubble burning, this solution can reduce the environment pollution as well.

“The total cost for our research to develop the machine was 25000 which is currently manually driven but we working on the project to upgrade it so that it can be attached to a tractor. Once the commercial production of the machine starts we can further reduce the cost price of the Multicrop Residue Manager to be around 18000 and hence providing an economical solution to the Indian farmers. Yet another problem can be solved with this machine is that the multipurpose machine can be used for shredding and mowing also by the farmers which will further reduce the burden of the farmers to own multiple machines," states, Navej, one of the team members.

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