Celebrities Who are Investing in Innovative Ideas to Save the Planet

Celebrities Who are Investing in Innovative Ideas to Save the Planet

During the middle of the Pandemic, many of us must have dreamt of going out for a vacation and enjoy naturally beautiful places like the beach, the mountains or the woods. However, the reality is that all of these beautiful places need some kind of protection if we are to continue enjoying nature in the long run. And, this is exactly where certain famous celebrities from across the globe are raising awareness and investing upon innovative ideas to save planet Earth. Here is a list of 6 such celebrities who have been making a marked difference by consistently leading the charge in the bid to save the planet:

Priyanka Chopra


The Indian born international actress and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra has been an ardent advocate of conserving the environment. She is the campaign ambassador for Greenathon.. The main goal of Greenathon, a nationwide campaign that started back in 2008, is to spread awareness on sustaining greenery and raise funds for saving the environment and championing social causes. The campaign also helps villages with electricity, cleaning up rivers and recycling discarded plastic bags. Priyanka Chopra also started her own ‘plastic clean-up drive’ campaign back in April, 2014 on the banks of Yamuna River, Agra.

Rahul Bose

India’s very own Bollywood actor Rahul Bose has been an active participant in the fight against climate change. The charismatic actor started his own Rahul Bose Foundation to work on various climate change issues. Back in 2009, Rahul also represented Oxfam in the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, joined by tens of thousands of demonstrators at a mass rally near the Parliament in Copenhagen.

Leonardo Di Caprio

 Leonardo Di Caprio has been arguably the most consistent actor in the entirety of Hollywood since the mid-90s. The King of Hollywood has been equally consistent towards his efforts to save the environment. Way back in 1998, Leonardo Di Caprio established his DiCaprio Foundation to assist the world’s most endangered animals. Utilizing his great acting prowess, the legendary superstar has produced several media projects and documentaries dedicated to raising awareness on the need for more environmental support, such as his short web film, Water Planet.

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downing Jr. the face behind Iron Man and Doctor Do Little is funding innovative ideas to save the planet. The iconic star has been heavily investing in an effort to accelerate ground-breaking technologies and open up access. Recently, Downey Jr launched a Green Fund – FootPrint Coalition. So far, FootPrint Coalition has already funded Ynsect which grows low-impact insect proteins, and CloudPaper which makes environment friendly toilet papers from Bamboo.


Mark Ruffalo

The Avenger that plays the role of the Hulk like his counterpart Robert Downey is also an ardent advocate of a clean and green environment. In his career, the actor has never shied away from criticizing politicians for warmongering, economic inequality and neglecting the environment. The actor started his own organization Water Defence back in 2010. His recently released 2019 film Dark Waters in which Mark Ruffalo played the role of a real-life lawyer who switched sides and took on DuPont after learning that chemical run-off was poisoning the farmers livestock, was a years-on-the-making passion project for Ruffalo.


Selena Gomez

Teenage sensation and world-famous pop singer Selena Gomez is not only a UNICEF ambassador but the actress has been promoting clean and safe drinking water throughout her career. She established her own initiative the Tap Project, and used Twitter as a platform to raise awareness among her fans. She asked them to support her initiative by donating 1 dollar or more for the tap water that they would normally enjoy for free. The Tap Project has so far raised nearly $3 million since its inception, and helped save thousands of children from waterborne illnesses in developing countries.