Benefits of Business Account

Benefits of Business Account

What is your main purpose when you open a business account? It is recommended in Europe and Romania to have separate accounts for personal and company life. It is easier to pay taxes this way, transfer money, and do all other necessary transactions as it is described here:

However, these are not the only reasons to open a business account, especially to create it as an online account. This latter option has become very popular recently thanks to the numerous advantages that the owner of such a business account gets. Let us discuss them in detail.

Open a Business Account and Enjoy the Advantages

Almost everything in the modern world has moved online, and the possibility of opening a business account this way is not an exception. According to, it provides the client with zero bureaucracy. Thus, everything is done quickly via any device that has a stable Internet connection.

Moreover, this is only the beginning of the exciting journey. If we take Genome Account as an example, the benefits of such an online account are as follows.

Transfer money instantly

Money, which you can store in GBP, EUR, and USD, could be transferred via SEPA and SWIFT. In addition to international transfers, there is an option of instant internal transfers for Genome users. 

If you need to repeat payments again and again, just save the template and schedule the transaction. Money will be sent in time and to the needed person or company.

Enjoy service for business

Open a business account to generate statements and get full reports and in-depth analytics. Moreover, you can share access to the online account and enjoy all the benefits of team management. There are different roles that you can assign to your employees as you are doing it in the real world.

Use a corporate card

When you open a business account, you may still need a card. There is no problem with its ordering and activation through your online account. Virtual and physical cards are available.

Stay secure

One of the main things to worry about is securing your sensitive information and moneyGenome Account utilizes Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and guarantees the highest level of safety for clients.

Join the referral program

After some period of using Genome Account, do not hesitate to recommend it to your friends and partners. When they create a business account, you will get bonuses for the invitation.

It is just a brief overview of what is waiting for you when you open a business account. Keep in mind that there are affordable and transparent pricing and favorable tariffs. You can transfer money in EUR, GBP, and USD and exchange them. Money is going to be safe, and the company will benefit as well as you.

Open a Business Account: Sep by Step

If you are ready to try the most modern features of online banking, open a business account in a reliable financial institution that operates via the Internet. For this purpose:

  1. Register and sign up with the website of the vendor.
  2. Provide proof of your identity.
  3. Give the data about your company and corresponding documents.

All these steps can be done from home or another place with a stable Internet connection. After their completion, you need to wait no more than 72 hours, and your business account will become available for operation.

It is all that you need to do to open a business account. You will save both time and money this way.

It is worth noting that companies usually provide you with the web browser version and a mobile app. Therefore, you can always have access to the business account no matter where you are. All the transactions will be available, so you can transfer money or receive the payments via a merchant account immediately.

Open a business account to enjoy all the preferences of modern financial insinuations. This approach will save your time and provide you with useful instruments to develop your business. If you have been thinking about opening a business account, it is high time to make a choice and join the online financial world.