AssureShift: Reinventing the Process of Hiring Relocation Services

AssureShift: Reinventing the Process of Hiring Relocation Services

Opportunities for education, jobs, and economic growth are rising throughout the country; companies are expanding their operational bases, and people are constantly migrating from one place to another. No one has the time or effort to handle such challenging tasks, which is why moving companies have become the need of the hour for a safe and smooth relocation. However, many unprofessional and fake movers are present in the market, who deceive customers, so it’s important to spend time and research the relocation companies before hiring them.

Bangalore-based AssureShift addresses the problems faced while hiring moving companies using advanced software solutions to make sure customers are safe from fraudulent movers. They follow 4 simple but effective phases – careful verification of the relocation companies, regular feedback, and quality checks, quickly connecting customers to relevant movers, and providing end-to-end customer support throughout the relocation.

Why was AssureShift started?

“People were being conned by fake movers who promised services and later stole the customer’s money and belongings. The only way to change this was to make the list of genuine movers available to customers so they can hire service providers easily. Building a digital marketing strategy to connect to customers before the fake movers do, helped us succeed,” recalls Debendra Prasad, Co-Founder of AssureShift.

Generally, hiring a relocation service provider can take 7 – 10 days or even up to a month, since customers will have to check the moving company’s credibility thoroughly. Due to lack of proper experience, people are not sure about the right procedure to be followed before hiring moving companies, because of which they get caught in a messy situation. While working in the industry for many years, Mr. Debendra Prasad and Mr. Juby John decided to drive the change that was much needed for customers to find reliable movers, which led them to start their own company in 2016.

Key Features of AssureShift

Debendra further explains, “After doing thorough research of the problem, we found that the customers were finding it difficult to identify the trustworthy movers simply because they did not know what details to check before hiring them. We decided to offer a quick and easy solution by following simple but effective steps so that we can reach the customers before the fake packers and movers do.”

Verification of packers and movers

One of the main features that distinguish legitimate moving companies from fake ones is that the true ones will have the necessary authorizations from the Govt. of India to establish the business. Our Packers and Movers are all verified, they take care of road safety and follow all rules and regulations

“We do thorough background verification of the relocation company registration documents and cross-check them with the owner’s identification proof to ensure they have valid and real documents. The entire authentication process is done in two steps, via telephonic as well as an in-person check, by our dedicated verification team,” describes John.

Taking continuous feedback

At AssureShift, they believe that verification is not just a one-time process, which is why they take regular feedback from customers regarding the quality of service provided. Reviews and ratings not only benefit the potential customers to decide which movers are more suitable but also helps AssureShift keep track of and maintain the service quality.

The top-performing relocation companies are rewarded with high ranks on the website, while the movers who do not perform up to the mark or have unprofessional behavior are penalized. They may face penalties such as paying a fine, undergoing temporary suspension, or may even be blacklisted if the issue is severe.

Quickly connecting to relevant companies

AssureShift is the connecting bridge between the customers who require shifting services and companies who provide these services according to specified service quality. They take the complete business profiles of the moving companies along with details of the services offered.

After getting the exact shifting requirements from the customers, AssureShift’s advanced software will shortlist and provide references of the most relevant packers and movers, who offer services matching the customer’s shifting needs, within their budget and located nearby to their place of residence. Customers will be able to get the details and price quotations of moving companies within a couple of minutes.

Complete support from beginning to end

AssureShift values its customers and work towards providing complete satisfaction. Their expert customer care team has a group of well-trained individuals who are capable of resolving customer issues and support them at every step of the relocation.

If the customers are not satisfied with the references obtained through the software or if the hired company delays on the moving day, the support team will be able to provide alternative options manually which best match the customer needs. In the case of rude behavior, sudden price hike, damages, or delayed delivery, they will resolve the issue with the moving company on behalf of the customer. If the problem is much more severe, AssureShift will be able to provide the necessary legal documents to the customers as required.

Growth Report from 2016 – 2019

Founded in 2016, AssureShift began its operations in Bangalore and focused on making a strong base in the city. When they got a good response and became the most sought-after reference company in Bangalore, AssureShift improved their process and slowly expanded their operations into other cities; after the first 3 months, they moved into Pune and Chennai; another couple of months later they broadened into Mumbai and Hyderabad, and so on. Within 6 months, AssureShift was able to generate over 2500 customer enqueries, and until now that number has reached 45000.

“In the last 3 years, we have helped over 15000 people to move from one place to another successfully, and we have a broad network in all the major cities of India. We work with the top packers and movers in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and so on. We have also started building a strong network of relocation companies in tier-2 cities like Noida, Chandigarh, Mysore, Thane, etc.”

Initially started as a two-member team comprising of just the Co-Founders, AssureShift today has over 15+ members. Their unique method of hiring the right service provider has changed the way people book relocation services nowadays.

Future Plans

AssureShift’s next step in the relocation industry is to move into every small city of India and be able to solve people’s shifting problems.

“We are committed to providing our customers with trustworthy and good-quality shifting services authorizations from the Govt. of India at affordable rates. Our plan for the future is to build a universal platform where people can find good moving companies all over the country, including the tier-3 cities as well. We want to make sure no stone is left unturned in our journey,” concludes Debendra.

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