Arranged Marriages Wins a Battle Over Love Marriages

Arranged Marriages Wins a Battle Over Love Marriages

Bangalore: “Marriages are made in Heaven”. This popular quote speaks about the beauty of the everlasting relationship of marriage. Marriages signify the ultimate bond between a man and his wife, in different traditions, customs according to their religion. But as the time has changed, love is the only religion according to the young generation of today. So the quote above is not clear whether it is love or arranged marriage which leads one to heaven!

74 percent of Indians still prefer arranged marriages revealed a recent survey by NDTV. This reflects that Indians are still conventional in their thinking about marriage as a set-up, choosing the right one their life partner so that he /she fits in the family well and is accepted by the entire household.

Further, according to the survey the preference of arranged marriages is high in Rajasthan, Haryana and UP showing a statistic of 88 percent. While, West Bengal, New Delhi and Tamil Nadu have come out of the shell of traditions, as their preference of arranged marriages is 59 percent.

On the whole the North Indian states prefer arranged marriages by 96 percent whereas South Indians states recorded for 77 percent.

The poll was carried out in 125 constituencies spread over 18 states (these account for over 20 percent of the 543 Lok Sabha seats). Each Lok Sabha constituency was selected using a statistical formula based on voting patterns of 2009Lok Sabha Elections. The survey was done in all age groups across India.