An ultimate guide for writing a good caption for your instagram post

An ultimate guide for writing a good caption for your instagram post

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most powerful platforms for social media marketing. As we all know that promotion on Instagram is all about visuals. However, individuals think that just by posting good quality pictures and videos on the page is sufficient to attract traffic and buy instagram followers organically. But this is not the true cause. Along with uploading captivating pictures, a good caption is of utmost importance as it speaks for the photograph. A decent Instagram caption clarifies what you want to convey through your pictures and advises viewers to make a move or like or comment on your post that makes your content even greater and sharable among them.

Writing a good caption is not an easy task and needs a lot of creativity and time to give. If you are not able to communicate with your viewers properly, then even a good picture will be of no use. Therefore, the caption should convey a written message to your customers.

If you are stuck regarding the caption of your Instagram post, we have mentioned some tips from which you can take help.

Start with a catchy first-liner

Make sure that the initial segment of your Instagram caption is super-captivating and luring. It is an approach to attract the individuals so that they spend their time in seeing your post. A punchy, eye-catching component of your first line will create an impact on your viewers and they will bind to pursue your full caption thus will feel connected. Write your caption in such a way that viewers will feel curious to know about your next post.

Include a call-to-action

The most ideal approach to reach to your potential customers is by including call-to-action captions on your Instagram post. It provokes individuals to accomplish something rather than just looking at the post. Therefore, always try to include some catchy captions like “double tap if you relate to it”, or “do you agree? If yes, then comment”, “share your story in the comments”.

Some of the amazing action-based ideas that you can follow:

Ask a question: to increase the engagement on your page, ‘ask a question’ is a great way to connect with your viewers. By answering their questions and queries, you can build trust among them.

Add links in your captions: you can directly link your other platforms by referring the links in your Instagram captions that will take your viewer directly to your latest blog content, you-tube videos, and other products and offers.

Encourage people to tag your friends: encouraging your viewers to share your post with their other friends will give a boost to your content. Write a fun caption like ‘it’s time for self-quarantine, share your plans by tagging your friends’.

Send an invitation to participate in the contest: organizing contests is a great way to increase engagement on Instagram. You can tell your viewers to invite their friends as well to participate in the contest.

Use limited hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in connecting users belong to the same community and are interested in the same kind of content. However, some people choose to include a lot of hashtags in their posts. But this can create a negative impact in the eyes of your viewers. Including too many hashtags make the post look vague and lame. Therefore, it is suggestible to include three to four hashtags at maximum. Include only those hashtags which are most important and popular.

Use emoticons in the caption

Including emoticons in the caption make it look more fun and attractive. Emoticons are available in every smartphone that adds some character to your Instagram caption. You can use emojis in different ways. For instance, you can use them at the start of your post or replace some words in the whole post.

Connect your other social channels

With the help of your captions, you can likewise cross-connect your other social channels with Instagram. It is an extraordinary approach to tell your followers your presence on other different platforms. They can look to you on these web-based networking media they can discover you in this way, you can connect them with your Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat crowd.

Length matters!

Nature of business differs from each other and thus the length of the caption depends on what kind of business you are promoting on Instagram. Some of them demand long and full captions while some works with a small and precise caption. For instance, if you’re a food company, then giving full recipes of your cuisine in the caption will work well. On the other hand, in some other businesses by providing the most helpful information will be enough. Generally, people prefer to read small captions hence length should be precise and readable.


These are some of the most important tips that you should follow to write a good caption. We hope this will help you to some extent.