A Day With Way

A Day With Way

The Way app makes it possible to experience the city like never before because it makes it easy to map out your adventure. You don’t have to slide and scroll between dozens of internet windows trying to nail down the best place to go, where to eat, how to get there or where to park.

Everything can be worked out in the Way app.

Your City Simplified

The features of the Way app shine brightest when the possibilities are applied to a real-life situation.

Let’s say you’re flying into a city and then having a night on the town. Before you even leave your house, you have a list of things to straighten out:

* How to get to the airport.
* Where to park your car.
* How to get from the parking area to the airport.
* What kind of restaurant to eat at once you land.
* How much you’re going to spend on the meal.
* The best way to meet your friends there.
* How to make sure you and your friends don’t have to wait for a table.

All of these challenges are easily managed with the Way app.

Getting to the Airport and Parking

Driving to the airport is typically the first option – as long as you can get parking. With Way, you put in the name of the airport, and all of your airport parking options are listed out for you. You can check out the cost of each lot and whether or not they offer shuttle service. You may choose a lot very close to the airport or one a little farther away. You can also check out the prices to see which ones fit your budget.

After Landing: Finding a Restaurant

With the Way app, you have a couple of options for how you select a yummy spot to grab some food. You can do an easy search by tapping the Dining option. You can also head to the Meal Plans section. Here, you will find tasty spots where you can score considerable savings on some of your favorite restaurants.

The Way app has over 150 Waymazing restaurants that can give you exclusive deals on great food and service. You can also narrow down your budget by choosing the restaurant with the right menu at the best prices.

Moving Through the City: The Way App’s Transit Feature

The inconvenience of navigating a city’s transportation options can be a thing of the past. Being away from home without a car is no longer an obstacle. Just tap Transit, and you’re on your way. You have the freedom to select what’s fastest, least expensive, closest to your destination or even options that allow you to meet up with others on the way there.

Skipping the Line With Meal Plans

Using the Meal Plans feature, you can figure out what you want to eat, order, and head right to your table as soon as you arrive. Way’s partnership with participating restaurants gives you the hook up you need for a smooth, convenient dining experience.

The Way app is your own set of keys to the city. A day with Way is smoother, more convenient,and more fun than ever.

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