Zomato's Gold Memberships to Reach across Countries

Zomato's Gold Memberships to Reach across Countries

India’s leading food aggregator Zomato extends all Gold memberships across countries. As per the CEO Deepinder Goyal’s announcement it is supposed to happen in four more months.

The recent decision covers India, the UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey and Lebanon. Restaurants in India, the UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Portugal, Philippines, Indonesia, and Lebanon will have to only bear the payment gateway fee and Zomato won't charge any fee from them. Contactless dining has three main components, contactless menu, contactless ordering and contactless payment. The brand is working on advancing the app by adding extra features – like allowing to order multiple courses, and the option to pay for self or the entire table to ensure a hassle-free dining experience.

"India and all our other Gold countries are still a few months away from being able to use and enjoy their Zomato Gold benefits. In India though, members continue to avail Gold privileges on food delivery," tweeted Goyal.

"We will continue to monitor the situation very closely, and make every effort to ensure customer and staff safety when restaurants open up again and are ready to welcome Gold members," he added.

Zomato extended Gold memberships by two months, acknowledging that dining out plans would be affected in COVID-19 pandemic, hoping things would get better quickly. The company has also made its "contactless dining" free for all restaurants across India and other global destinations for a period of at least six months.