Your Post-Coronavirus Productivity is Only as Good as Your Broadband

Your Post-Coronavirus Productivity is Only as Good  as Your Broadband

In the post-coronavirus economy, many of us are making serious changes to the way we work. Wherever possible we are working from home. This can create serious challenges for our productivity. The home is full of myriad distractions which can draw us away from our desks and prevent us from focusing on the task at hand. Especially when the kids are not at school and demand our time and attention throughout the day.

Moreover, we have to work with a network infrastructure that is intended for light home use. Not the rigorous use of your office network. As such, many of us have found that the strain placed on our home networks has slowed us down and drained our productivity. With the whole family using the network to stream media, downloading files complete schoolwork the working day can become longer and more frustrating. It’s little surprise that half of us in quarantine are unhappy with our work / life balance.

The key to mastering your productivity at home is choosing a broadband package that’s equipped to deal with your workload. Fortunately, there are many great broadband deals which will give you high-performing internet access in line with your budget. Here are some tips for choosing a broadband package that won’t slow down your working day or frustrate your family while you work...

Beware false economy

In this a financially challenging time for workers all over the world. Many workers at all levels are taking a pay cut of at least 20% to avoid layoffs. While this is largely applied to furloughed workers, there are still some working today whose income has been significantly diminished. Especially freelancers and the self employed whose clients are placing fewer orders as the wheels of commerce grind to a halt.

Still, while it’s important to save money in this difficult time, it’s also necessary to invest in broadband that will work as hard as you do. Try to avoid choosing a packaged based on cost alone. Try to balance cost with capability to find a solution that will allow you to be your most productive while working from home. No matter how much of your bandwidth your family are using.

Choose a fibre provider

Fibre broadband is a worthy decision for your home internet use. When working from home, however, it’s virtually essential. Fibre optic cables are far more conductive than copper, allowing for much faster transmission of data signals over longer distances. Top speeds of up to 100Gbps can theoretically be achieved with fibre broadbands. However, average speeds can vary by provider so be sure to check before committing to a package.

Fibre broadband doesn’t just offer speed. It also offers a more reliable connection with consistently high performance. An essential consideration for those working at peak hours.

Avoid expensive setup costs

In order to remain competitive, many broadband providers do not currently charge for setup. However, there are some who still do, particularly for high performing fibre packages. Avoid over-spending on setup costs. You really shouldn’t expect to pay more than £10-20 GBP for setup.

Look for a robust router

Of course, your cabling is only part of determining your broadband’s performance. Your wireless router also plays a part, especially if you have numerous people in your household accessing the internet wirelessly through mobile devices like phones and tablets.

It’s worth carrying out some research into the capabilities of the routers offered by different service providers. Of course, you can always buy your own if you want to transcend the capabilities of your standard router. Wifi 6 is widely regarded as the gold standard, providing speed and reliability in wireless connections. This YouTube video provides a rundown of ifferent Wifi 6 routers.

Use a wired connection for essential activities

No matter how great your wifi router is, however, you should try and connect your work computer to your router with an ethernet cable wherever possible. Especially if you are likely to be sharing bandwidth with the rest of your family throughout the day. A wired network won’t be slowed down by unnecessary traffic, nor is it prone to the same limitations in terms of broadcasting signal. If you live and work in an apartment you should definitely use a wired connection as apartment buildings can be full of structural complications and devices which can cause interference.

Master your productivity by working from home. Choose the right broadband package that can keep up with your needs.