Yoga for Relaxation- Top-6 Yoga Poses to Cool Down

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 22 June 2018, 05:30 Hrs
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Everyone workout in an effective way. The energy used during workout sessions makes the heart rate faster and it affects the body in a negative way. Working out with more energy is great but cooling down is also important. Yoga is an ancient practice which helps to cool down our heartbeat rates and make our body feel relaxed. After working out in a heavy manner, one usually breathes heavily and sweat a lot, but if the body will not come in its natural position it will hurt more. Yoga eases down the energy and brings back the body in the proper mental state. Some yoga poses are very much effective to cool down the heat of your body. These poses will make you feel relax and each asana has their own command as stated in RYC yoga teacher training program .

1. Pigeon Pose ( Eka Pada Rajakapotsana)

Yoga for Relaxation- Top-6 Yoga Poses to Cool Down

This pose is like a pigeon sitting on a wall. To make yourself relax, sit by folding your knees and place your arms in the forefront. Now take back your right leg behind and keep your left leg in the same position. Stretch your back lift your palms and then release the body. This stretches your muscles decreases the muscle pain after heavy work out.

2.Legs up in the sky pose (Viparita Karani)

Yoga for Relaxation- Top-6 Yoga Poses to Cool Down

An easy pose to relax is Viparita Karani. Lie down and relax your body. Bring your legs up in the sky and stretch your arms sideways. This pose will decrease the abdomen pain and insomnia.

3.Corpse pose (Savasana)

Yoga for Relaxation- Top-6 Yoga Poses to Cool Down

This pose is to decrease the level of your heartbeat and bringing back to the normal position. Lie straight by widening your legs a bit and close your eyes for relaxation of muscles and body.

4.The meditative pose (Sukhasana)

Yoga for Relaxation- Top-6 Yoga Poses to Cool Down

After working out usually the joint pain and muscle stretch occurs so to release the pain this pose in the must. It has all the spiritual touch to it and it also creates a positive energy. Sit, stretch your arms and relax them on the lap. Close your eyes completely and chant the God’s name. The meditative pose is a mandatory pose for everyday life.

5.The butterfly pose ( Badha Koasana)

Yoga for Relaxation- Top-6 Yoga Poses to Cool Down

This pose is named after butterfly because of its movement. Sit and fold your legs towards each other rather than crisscrossing them. Hold the feet and flap the legs up and down. It will look like a butterfly flapping its wings. This pose will increase the blood flow to the lower body and will cool down the muscle pain as well.

6.The Front sprint pose (Anjaneyasana)

Yoga for Relaxation- Top-6 Yoga Poses to Cool Down

This pose will open up your muscles and chest. You need to pose the front sprint by bending the knees of the left foot and bringing back the right foot in same inclination to the other. Stretch your arms up and inflate your chest. Repeat this pose with the left leg in front and relax your body in intervals. This pose will increase the concentration level and increases the breathing power.

Demand of Yoga has been growing day by day and for that tourism is also getting attached to it. Now you can find several yoga packages who are not just into yoga but attaching exursion activities into it. Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh has been on top notch demand from couple of days because of being Yoga-Capital of the world. Every year so many yoga travellers are coming to Rishikesh from all over the globe to enhance their yoga practise with holidays. So make your next plan and have a relaxing & peaceful holidays with yoga!

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