Yes, These Eight Household Items Need Immediate Replacement

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 04 April 2018, 09:50 Hrs
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Sure, some things get better with time – like wine and cheddar cheese. But sadly, this rule doesn’t apply to most of the household items that are used on a daily basis. From toothbrush to the mattress and everything in between, they all need to be replaced before they start festering with germs.


1. Toothbrush

An apparent reason to toss the old ones is that they become less efficient, roughly after three months. Also, when the bristles become fray and wear out, it’s time to toss it out. But, do you know your toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria? Yes, a single toothbrush can house millions of bacteria per square inch, and they keep multiplying due to moisture.

Tip –As a preventive measure, you should soak your toothbrush in a cup of hydrogen peroxide or Listerine to help kill bacteria. But remember, you need to replace it every three months to maintain health and hygiene.

2. Mattress

Buying a good mattress is nothing less than an investment and people usually don’t consider buying a new one till the time it withers away. However, what they don’t know is that an old one not only leads to poor sleep posture but also becomes home to dead skin cells, dust mites, microbes and to some extreme, even parasites. The deciding moment arrives when your mattress has grown older than eight years. Switching to new bedding every eight years (or when you start experiencing sleep problems) significantly improves the sleeping pattern and keeps one away from back pain and disturbed sleep.

Tip –When buying a new mattress, be sure of trusting only brands like Sunday Mattress that adhere to international standards, are LGA certified, offer spine support, and craft their mattresses out of world-class materials. They also offer a 100-night return on their mattresses.

3. Pillows

Decorative pillows are fine to keep for years, but those used daily, come with an expiry date of two years. Yes, even though you clean them every three months. Old pillows not only become unpleasant to use but also accumulate body oil, dust mites, dead skin cells and molds. These are the common agents that trigger allergies and illnesses.

Tip – Take a close look at the pillow tags to see if they are good to dry clean every 2-3 months. Doing this, you will not only ensure longevity but also keep your body away from encountering harmful allergens. Also, protectors double the life of pillows.

4. Smoke Alarms

New age homes usually have smoke alarms and keeping a regular check on their performance is one of the easiest ways of ensuring safety. The batteries call for replacement every year while the whole unit should be replaced every ten years.

Tip – Test run the alarms every month to ensure they are sensitive enough to perform, should a blaze erupt.

5. Teflon Pans

If your non-stick cookware is showing signs of chipping, it’s time to toss it in the trash and bring home a new one. Old and chipped Teflon pans release potentially toxic compounds that can cause damage to the health.

Tip – Never pre-heat an empty pan and cook on high heat to give your favourite skillets a long life. Also, keep replacing the old ones every two years to ensure health and safety.

6. Shower Loofah

This is a huge one, and we are sure you must not have realized the need of tossing it off because of the young look it still holds. To be honest, just like your toothbrush, shower loofah is also the favorite breeding ground for bacteria. Depending on how often you use it, you need to replace the loofah in at least four weeks.

Tip –To ensure hygiene, you can clean them in the washing machine (don’t toss it in the dryer) using liquid detergent or with essential oils. Let air dry.

7. Kitchen Sponges

Believe it or not, the kitchen sponge that ensures you have your meals in clean cutlery is itself a bacteria hotbed. Replace them every 1-2 months or when they start showing signs of wear and looking gross.

Tip –Just like your shower loofah, you can wash the kitchen sponge with essential oils to maintain hygiene.

8. RO Water Filter

Make sure to call the servicing guy to clean the water filter regularly. All brands come with a timeline that suggests when to replace and how long will it last. If not, aim for once every three months if the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level is more than 500 mg/L.

Tip – Either use a Digital TDS Meter or filter paper and a scale to keep the TDS level in check.

Final Words!

Even the clean-freaks need to replace everyday household items like these for better health. Well, as they say, nothing lasts forever — and we bet you haven't thought about tossing these items in a while.

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