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World's 10 Most Dangerous Prisons

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 16 November 2012, 13:06 Hrs   |    10 Comments
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Bangalore: ‘If you do the crime, you got to do the time,’ and the time spent in prison is not just hard, not just tough it’s rather insanely dangerous. To survive as an inmate is the real challenge and staying alive is a big deal for these prisoners. When it comes to the ten most dangerous prisons in the world each day seems like a mark of endurance. Here’s the list of most dangerous prisons in the world as reported by Heather Matthews for toptenz.net.

San Quentin Prison
At number 10 is the San Quentin prison in California. It was opened in 1852. It is the largest prisons in the United States. In the 1930s, corruption in the San Quentin Prison management was common and widespread. It was in 1940 after Clinton Truman Duffy was appointed the new director of the prison who employed ways to reform the appalling and brutal conditions of this prison.
Before the new system, the inmates’ were imposed to wear numbered uniforms, forced to spend solitary confinement in concrete cells with poor air supply and no light. Even now the conditions are harsh, which is incorporated to control the most violent offenders in the prison.

Bang Kwang Prison
At ninth spot is the Bang Kwang Prison in Thailand, also called ‘the Bangkok Hilton’. The first one month in this prison drives many prisoners insane with shackles on their feet. The prison is overcrowded and understaffed. As said by the Director Khun Nattee, “Thai prisons are tough…you don’t want to be in Bang Kwang,” as reported by topnetz.net. The prison is known for the poor medical facilities, where sick prisoners wait for their medications while chained to their bed, which they might never receive. The most dreadful of all facts is that a prisoner is informed just two hours before being executed by lethal injection.

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Reader's comments(10)
1: in my mind, a prison has to "have violence to be violent", instead of "the potential for violence means violent" - so ADX FLO doesn't count
remember that this is only one persons opinion...
Posted by:uuuhhhhhhhmm - 23 Jan, 2014
2: this article is ridiculous Alcatraz? come on. use a little common scene and don't list a prison that has been closed for 50 years
Posted by:jomamma - 26 May, 2013
I concur!
uuuhhhhhhhmm Replied to: jomamma - 23 Jan, 2014
LOL! Thanks for the funny comment! =)
uuuhhhhhhhmm Replied to: uuuhhhhhhhmm - 23 Jan, 2014
woops meant the 2nd message to go to lung dung
uuuhhhhhhhmm Replied to: uuuhhhhhhhmm - 23 Jan, 2014
6: Facts needs facts. Take your imaginary 3rd person experience and go ffffffff yo self. pun intended. report on first person accounts.
Posted by:lung dung - 22 May, 2013
7: A few facts and google links makes your a writer, ey?
Posted by:lung dung - 22 May, 2013
LOL! Thanks for the funny comment! =)
uuuhhhhhhhmm Replied to: lung dung - 23 Jan, 2014
LOL! Thanks for the funny comment! =)
uuuhhhhhhhmm Replied to: lung dung - 23 Jan, 2014
10: Its hard to imagine that people do this to each other.
Posted by:Gia - 18 Nov, 2012