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Will the Arrogant South be Humbled by the North?

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 02 May 2012, 11:44 Hrs   |    41 Comments
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Bangalore: It is a well-known fact that the South has been developing at a faster pace than the North. The northern states, particularly the populous ‘’Bimaru ‘’states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh haven’t made any significant progress since long. Corruption combined with lack of law and order is perhaps what’s holding them back.

Over the past few years, however, growth has picked up pace in the North. So much so that, in his book, Breakout Nations, Ruchir Sharma, Head of emerging markets at Morgan Stanley Investment, says that the North might just overhaul the South. He supports his argument by noting that “Between 2007 and 2010, the average economic growth rate of the southern states decelerated from 7 percent to 6.5 percent, while that of the northern states accelerated from 4.5 percent to 6.8 percent.”

The south may have achieved rapid economic growth over the past couple of decades. But times are changing. Sharma believes that the arrogant South will soon be humbled by the fast growing North. The reason for this shift is mainly because the Northern states have started electing better. The new leaders have started reforming the way the states are governed. And as a result, considerable developments have been made. To validate this claim, Sharma takes the example of Bihar. After Nitish Kumar assumed office as Chief Minister, he completely changed the way people looked at Bihar. From being a land thugs and goons, it has now become one of the fastest growing states in the country. “Bridges and roads got built; Bihar started to function, then to fly. Now its economy is growing at 11 percent, the second fastest in India, and Nitish is lauded as a model of what a straight leader can accomplish in a crooked state,” says Sharma.

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Reader's comments(41)
1: i guess the articles in this website needs an 'Report abuse' button!!!
Posted by:hari - 14 May, 2012
2: I really wnated to know what is the stand of Slicon India on this statement "Will the Arrogant South be Humbled by the North?". Do they support this comment by Sharma.
Posted by:Andrew - 08 May, 2012
3: 1. Ruchir Sharma's book may be grabbing eyeballs for whatever reasons. Classifying the country in terms of the directions or whatever other reason is not an acceptable method.
2. Why would you term south as "arrogant"? Is that even true when things were forced on the south, who is arrogant?
3. It is not even about the south or north, how would we classify the western and eastern states (regions)? Would you put them under north or south? or would such a differentiation actually hold water?
4. Finally, Why do we always talk divisively? Is that what we learnt from Gandhi and Patel? Will we never grow up? If we do this, why blame other people (countries and relegions etc.) that exploit this weakness in us to further their cause????

Jaago India Jaago.. get wise...
Posted by:Srivas - 07 May, 2012
4: it's not right to call south as arrogant. Actually the north has always shown bias to the south. They always occupy the top cream of politics & Ias, Ips. Any south indian person if promoted in IAS is racially discriminated. And even ministers like dayanidhi maran, a. raja and chidambaram have been targeted so that their place can be occupied by north indians.Hindi has been made National language so that south indians don't manage to take center stage as they would fumble in hindi and is made fun of.
South Indians work as clerk to type English letters in various govt. institutions. There is total bias by north indian people for south india. Some of the north indians don't even know south beyond madrasi...
Narsimha rao bcame PM coz that time there was difficult economic period for india and no north indian leader wanted to take responsibility.! Can A.K. Anthony become the PM of india next time.Then only we can say that the bias has gone down.
Posted by:swamy Indian - 06 May, 2012
5: could you please justify calling the south 'arrogant' ?. (you are sick).
Posted by:Murugan - 06 May, 2012
6: it appear that the author is either peeved at the plight of his own state or jealous of the south's development.whatever. articles like this irritates.
north is developing not only because they have chosen good leaders but also because most criminals and thieves have migrated to south to do business, educated ones moved to all other states to write public service commission examinations, and foolish politicians moved into Indian parliament.
Posted by:Murugan - 06 May, 2012
7: What is this Hulla Bol ,Enjoy IPL & see the teams formation .U will forget North Vs South .Bad Article without much thought & research .
Posted by:M Shyam - 06 May, 2012
8: totally faltoo...article !!!
Posted by:Amit Saini - 06 May, 2012
9: Completely disagree with the author on the calling south as "Arrogant South". It already shows the immature of the author. Request to Silicon India, please consider your reputation while publishing such kind of article in future.
Think about why India is still struggling and lagging behind in the world regardless the fact that we are the second largest population in the world, enough man power to utilize, we have intellectual power, we have natural resources. We are definitely lacking something….
We have already shown to the world that, there is a lack of co-ordination in the past that is the reason British has taken the approach to divide and rule India in the past.
So stop accusing each other and work for our nation’s development and for your better generation.
Posted by:Sati - 06 May, 2012
10: We, southerners, do not hate at the growth of North side of India as you, Sharma, do show by your arrogant writing. I have traveled in many parts of India and worked in many western part of India. During my days the hate towards people of South was because of the incompetency of north in intellectual power while south overtake in every field. How to kick the southerners was the thinking, then they brought racism, regionalism, language,etc, to encounter the south. What to do, the south went on developing at a very fast rate because southerners migrated to wealthy countries earned and spent that money in their southern cities and villages which caused an even distribution of wealth among southerners. For example, these guys in gulf region earn money and then purchase land or construct dream houses. This indirectly helped local people to live with a better life style. Unfortunately this distribution is not taking place in north.The northern cities I visited in 1970 are still in the same level, even now in 2011. So not necessary to hate south but try to improve yourself
Posted by:witness - 06 May, 2012
11: The north may be developing fast but Biharis and Bhaiyyas migrate (or have to migrate) to other states even if the locals do not want them there.
Posted by:anonymous - 04 May, 2012
12: Does SiliconIndia have editors who review what is being published, why allow such nonsense to be published?

Step into any organization in south India & you will see a mini India there. The simple equation of economics is talent moves where opportunity exists. If North Indian (for that matter West & East India also) states are providing more opportunities, then it is a matter to rejoice instead of demonstrating a sick mind trying to bring in north-south divide, worst calling south as arrogant. The author of this article is definitely ignorant of the number of young professionals from all parts of India have made a career & prospered immensely (most of them happily admit that this wouldn't have been possible if they had not migrated).

I urge SiliconIndia not to publish such immature articles & spoil their reputation.
Posted by:VSM - 04 May, 2012
13: Baseless article ........ who says south is arrogant ..... and what about the growth of western India ?
Posted by:joy - 03 May, 2012
14: Whoever may be the writer of this essay, he should know that india is one country. If he dont know please ask him to study the indian history. No state or part of india is not arrogant and nobody cant be humbked by others..the writer should be a mad or anti-indian..
Posted by:saravanan r - 03 May, 2012
who says that? South are really arrogant and especially Mallu (Malayalam) people. They form groups and harass the north indians. They become jealous from the hardworking north indians and North west indians. they will play game against the north people. They hate roti eaters. They bite the people who have helped them with all dedication and accuse them for the falt that is not done by north and west people. they believe that they only good. Their acceptance power for other country parts people is almost nil.
Raj Replied to: saravanan r - 03 May, 2012
Raj, its people like you who contribute to the slow growth of India... by foul mouth. Mallu, telugu, madarasi.... get over it you kinder garden.

If you allow people to fool you again and again... its your fault. stand up to bad people face to face...
Pankaj Sharma Replied to: Raj - 05 May, 2012
17: The writer of this article is a stupid. He is thinking North and South india as India and Pakistan. How Silicon is publishing such articles? Ask the writer to distinguish east and west India so that later we can divide India in 4 parts and again such stupids will try to devide those four countries too. There will be differences in culture, socio economic classes but is it necessary to present it in such a ugly manner...Withdraw this article and write something constructive.
Posted by:Prasanta - 03 May, 2012
18: Mr.Ruchir sharma himself is an arrogant and anti-indian,who is trying to devide mother india.First,north should stop producing more n more children and spot sending them to south.11% isnot great,bcoz Bihar economy small.Stop blaming south.
Posted by:dattatraya bhat - 03 May, 2012
19: The North's growth is positive development.The faster it grows, it would bridge the yawning gap in a few years. The Southern Peninsula is not half of India.The higher growth rate in North at present is due to low Base effect.Once the Total GDP of Northern States comes on Par with the South, any comparison will become meaningful. By the way, the term "Arrogant South" is simply unwarranted.It would better to avoid such usages when serious matters are discussed.
Posted by:Radhakrishnan - 03 May, 2012
20: This kind of talk is really disturbing,the fact of the matter is that all growth slows and comes to a halt sooner or later because consumption is related to population and if population growth slows down,consumption slows down and so and so forth,it is happening in the West,Japan and elsewhere,in the North,the base was lower than South in terms of consumption,growth etc and with a larger population it is bound to grow faster for some time to come,cheers
Posted by:KP Suresh - 03 May, 2012
21: The south has been keeping all the power to themselves. Some companies headquartered at South are mostly unwilling to let anything go out to their branches in other states. They are into group politics unlike any other state.This has to stop.
Posted by:Kaushik - 03 May, 2012
What kind of power? You people are low on intellect and that is preventing industries from despatching jobs to your region not otherwise.
Even in big ndustries/firms/companies that were established by pure govt power [dominated by illiterates from the northern region] you would find staffs from southern part of India occupying key positions.
Joe Replied to: Kaushik - 03 May, 2012
Abe #####, all the power has been resided with north Indian politics. on top of this north and south is not India-pak. South grown in IT, now this is time for north. otherwise no more difference.
DEV Replied to: Joe - 03 May, 2012
We shouldn't forget at the end we are talking about our country be it north or south. which ever makes progress everyone will get the benefit and just like to point out one thing that southern India has got lot of govt industries just because key portfolios in central govt were held by ministers representing southern india like AK Antony, P Chidambram, Raja and other so its human tendency to give benefit to own area first. Best example is of Mamta Banerjee who after becoming Railway minister started most trains for West bengal. So this issue of North growing is not to fight but to rejoice that our India is growing.
Rohit Replied to: Joe - 03 May, 2012
25: The arrogance is usually displayed by those who migrate from North. If the northern parts are also improving, then it is better news for South India. Hopefully the migrations will reduce.
Posted by:BXY - 02 May, 2012
And your job will be saved!
Amit Kumar Replied to: BXY - 03 May, 2012
Posted by:peter - 02 May, 2012
28: Ruchir Sharma himself is an arrogant idiot without manners. Its in their blood for aeon UP, Bihar etc. They have enjoyed and is still enjoying the first fruit of every technologies and industries and often neglect other states as these goons dominate the central govt. Yet due lack of moral values and etiquette they never progressed. But in southern part of India people made the optimum use of available resource and progressed. Also southern state govts took the initiatives and started to invite many foreign indutries/firms to invest in their states for the better future which the northern political goons would have obviously snatched had they received such offers. Let the Author and the dumbass Ruchir Sharma himself know that it was them would caused the partition of hatred with their stepmotherly attitude. And one last line, they will never even come close to the fine standards of living and moral values that the southern part of the country has as the old saying goes "Wash a pig and bring it to the house, it will again wallow in the garbage."
Posted by:Joe - 02 May, 2012
29: Such a stupid title and the article looks like an imaginative piece coming out of the blues. Mr. Editor check the facts before publishing and if this is true let us know the source from where these conclusions were derived from. Your Morgan Stanley Head of emerging markets may not be right.
Posted by:Karthi J - 02 May, 2012
30: The caption is misleading... Bad title
Posted by:Shelly - 02 May, 2012
31: "Arrogant" shit title, we are indians not south or north
Posted by:sameer - 02 May, 2012
We are Indian ! Stop this stupid divides.
Let us together focus and make our motherland better.
krishna Replied to: sameer - 02 May, 2012
Very well said.Dont divide India.
santharam Replied to: sameer - 02 May, 2012
34: The author has no right to divide the country. Is this not arrogant attitude or NORTH on SOUTH. What has education, mannerisms taught you???
Posted by:Sadhana - 02 May, 2012
35: Very poor caption - in contradiction to the normally high standards. Please do not split the beautiful country India into north and south. I am from South Africa and have travelled to all parts of the great land of India and have been welcomed and treated with the highest respect wherever I've been. Kribbs Naidu. Durban South Africa
Posted by:Kribbs Naidu - 02 May, 2012
36: The problem is that the north is historically near terrorist countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. The north is also full of muslims. Though not all muslims are vioent, their extremist leaders and ties to Mecca will forever hinder true socio-economic progress for them and their neighbors. The north must keep investing in defense and recruiting to keep the borders safe. Remember Ahmad Shah Durrani's attacks on Mathura and Vrindavan were only in the 1700s... recent history.
Posted by:Emm Sharma - 02 May, 2012
37: I agree that fact that the Northern states have started to elect better that South and whatever statistics you have mentioned in your article might be right or wrong, only time will tell. The fact I completely disagree is the arrogance that is mentioned all over your write up. I don't want to split the country in to 2 halves when I talk about progress as I find it is just meaningless. I have been living in Bangalore for the last 12 years and I am from Kerala. Bangalore has given me everything I wanted a good job, good pay and a beautiful life. And not for once even though I never knew the local language "Kannada" I was never sidelined or there were any traces of arrogance.

It has been like this to the millions of Indians who came all the way from the north to enrich their careers down south. I am glad to know the fact that northern India is progressing at a really fast rate but one should never forget that it is the South that paved way for all what we see. It is quite foolish to measure what is one by splitting it into north and south. Did you learn that art from the British, Mr. Author of this article??
Posted by:Ronnie - 02 May, 2012
38: what is so arrogant about hardworking and achieving success and economic prosperity. I think the author lost his mind and trying to create a ill-feeling between north indians and south indians. i think it's about time north indians open their eyes and stop calling all south indians as madrasis. ( shows how ignorant they are )
Posted by:sram - 02 May, 2012
Sorry , I might be taking the discussion in other direction but I don't find any north indian calling all south indians madrasi..only the older people may use that word as even after independence most of the south was known as Madras state which included even most part of Karnataka..

sameer singh Replied to: sram - 03 May, 2012
40: This caption does not suit siliconIndia image since it sends wrong signals to the south Indian readers!
Let us grow unity among Indians for a Better economic Growth,overall!
Posted by:Sandy - 02 May, 2012
Silicon India should edit these articles before publishing in here....this is what, amajority people doing...criticism earns them bread n butter, fame and name......they dont deserve even "right to live in this country...these ppl are not doing any constructive job...hardworking ppl are poors and suck critics are minting money out of it..... such a great parasitic and diseased country......where thousands
Dr Mam Singh Replied to: Sandy - 06 May, 2012