Will These Laws Put an End to Black Magic in India?

Although performing black magic is a bigger crime, there is no law in the state which awards a greater punishment. People are arguing over this issue, as the system has to come up with a new law to abolish witchcraft in the state.   

"Take sati and dowry harassment. Sati is not treated as just suicide, and killing of a woman for dowry is not treated as just murder. Both have special laws. Similarly, social problems require special understanding, treatment and legislation. The IPC is vague and doesn't care about the complexities of these issues,'' said former DG&IGP ST Ramesh.

In many states though the ones performing black magic are arrested, there is no particular to charge them. The law states that murdering a witch or performing a human sacrifice, both are booked under the act murder. 

Advocate Ramesh Babu says an exclusive legislation will help ensure justice for the victims. "Exclusive laws help deal with a problem better. Along with penal provisions to act as a deterrent, the new legislation should also have a compulsory clause on awareness. Unless both go together, it's not easy to handle social problems,'' said to TNN.