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Why Vegetable Purifier Is the Next Big Thing in The World of Kitchen Appliances

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 26 May 2017, 08:41 Hrs
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Today, people are becoming more conscious about their health than ever before. There are certain underlying reasons for it, and more people are adopting a healthy way of life. People are turning to vegetables and fruits because of their benefits. However, no eatable is pure and cannot be consumed just like that. Certain impurities exist on the surface levels that can make you extremely sick.

With the pollution levels ever so high, the contamination of vegetables and fruits is entirely evident. Washing fruits and vegetables is not enough, although it does reduce the risk of food poisoning, it is not the best solution if you want to protect yourself from such hazards.

A vegetable cleaner is a type of purifier which is designed to do what running water cannot. It cleans and purifies vegetables and fruits by exposing them to ozone dissolved in water which thoroughly cleans the vegetables. Ozone, unlike other chemicals, will not damage the vitality of your fruits or vegetables. Instead, it will oxidize the outer layer of your produce. This potent oxidizer will kill all the microbes on the fruits and vegetables, and break down the pesticides on the outer layer. Vegetable Cleaner from KENT has a compact design and can be wall mounted too! With revolutionary ozone disinfection technology, it has an ozone output of 200mg/hour which kills pathogens and removes pesticides.

Here’s why a vegetable cleaner is the next big thing in world of kitchen appliances

The world is no longer a stranger to the use of pesticides in vegetables and fruits. With a sudden rise in the artificially producedvegetables and fruits, humans are exposed to harsh chemicals which can prove fatal to their health.


Several studies have examined the adverse effects of pesticides on our raw produce and have linked it with cancers. Eating such food puts us at the risk of developing a life-threatening illness. Using a vegetable purifier reduces the risk of cancer because it uses ozone to remove pesticides from the outside layer of produce.

Neurological Imbalance

According to research the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease is 70% greater in people who are exposed to pesticides on a regular basis. Fruits and vegetables laced with pesticides are a severe health concern.

Birth Defects

Pesticides exposure leads to congenital disabilities and altered fetal growth. Pregnant women who eat food exposed to thepesticide can develop issues while giving birth. Agent Orange has been associated with adverse health and can lead to genetic imbalances.

Preserve Your Food

Vegetable purifiers are totally safe because ozone, when mixed with water, does not harm the produce or our health. It sterilizes the surface of vegetables and fruits.

Increase Antioxidant Value of Eatables

Using a vegetable purifier will increase the antioxidant value of eatables, and keep them fresh for longer period.

By using a vegetable purifier, the risk of pesticides and microbes can be eliminated. Insecticides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals can induce liver, kidney, and lung ailments. Even though our body can handle few microbes, it is imperative to not take chances with the increasing levels of toxicity in our produce.

Rinsing or washing theproduce is not enough and using a technologically advanced appliance that uses ozone one can wash away microbes and chemicals from the surface of fruits, vegetables, and meat. Ozone is the fastest sterilizing agent and is effective when used in cleaning the produce. Vegetable cleaners are becoming the choice of every household because they protect us from long-term health conditions and are a worthy investment. In time to come, they will be the next big thing in the world of kitchen appliances!

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