Why Taking Cisco 200 - 150 Exam Is Beneficial to Your Career? Nail It Easily Using Practice Tests

Why Taking Cisco 200 - 150 Exam Is Beneficial to Your Career? Nail It Easily Using Practice Tests

Nowadays, if you have earned an IT certification it shows how enthusiastic you are about your career and how much you value solid knowledge and skills. These are features that modern companies look for in their employees, and it can really help you in your career, as well. When you go for a software certification, you do not only learn new technologies and concepts, but also have a document to demonstrate all the effort you put into it. If you are interested in getting validated, there are a lot of great vendors for you out there like with the Cisco technology conglomerate.

Frankly speaking, choosing the right certification provider is very important because some of them are more popular than others and therefore it’s hard to say what real value they bring to the table. Like this, Cisco 300-430 ENWLSI is known to offer credentials highly recognized by specialists in the field of software-defined technologies, automation, cloud, and virtualization, amongst others.

As of now, one of the most sought-after Cisco badges is none other than CCNA Data Center. If you are thinking about earning this certification you will have to ace two exams, which are the Cisco 200-150 and 200-155. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the first of them that concentrates on Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking.

Some Words on Cisco Updated Certifications and Associated Exams

One important thing that you need to know about the Cisco 200-150 assessment and its corresponding CCNA Data Center certification is that these are set to retire on February 23rd, 2020. So, Cisco has announced to have elaborated a new, consolidated CCNA exam to be issued after that visit prepaway.biz.

If you weren’t prepared for this and have thus started preparing for the test earlier, you shouldn’t stop your work. Stay calm as you can still take the exam before the said date and get certified accordingly to your CCNA Data Center and also with the new CCNA credential.

More Specifically on Cisco 200-150 Exam

Diving deeper, the CCNA Data Center certification can truly change your career and that is why you need to take the Cisco 200-150 test seriously. While acing it, you will be asked around 60 questions and you will be given exactly 90 minutes to answer all of them. Just by seeing the number of items and the strict time given, one can define the clear need to managetheir time well. Otherwise, you will not be able to attempt all of the issues in the exam. Your tasks can come in various formats including multiple choice, drag and drop and simulation questions.

The Cisco 200-150 exam tests candidates’ skills in five main areas mentioned below:

  • Advanced Concepts of Data Center Networking
  • Advanced Data Center Storage
  • Basic Data Concepts of Center Networking
  • Physical Infrastructure of Data Center
  • Basic Data Center Storage

Use PrepAway and Cisco Tools to Your Advantage

If you are working towards a certification, you need to get very serious, look for the best preparation sources and start studying right away.

First of all, take a close look at the exam’s official site as the vendor proposes you the most generous options like classroom training with licensed learning partners in tutor-led classes, Cisco routing and modelling lab setting, and CCNA Data Center study group.

Secondly, a great tip to appreciate is using reliable study materials for your exam at Prepaway.biz. This great website offers many study options like 200-150 Premium Bundle for the respective test, besides a variety of exams by other providers. This study set is going to cost you $39.99 and be sure that it is will totally pay off. This is because with this package you will not only get access to 170 practice questions and answers but also find there a 93-page study guide along with a training course containing 34 lectures.

Hence, when preparing for the Cisco 200-150 exam, you’llneed to answer as many premium questions complemented with authoritative answers and explanations as you can. With the help of this practicable material, launched through the ETE Player, you will get an idea of what kind of questions are asked in the exam and how exactly are you supposed to answer them.

You need to cover all of the 5 topics because otherwise, it will be difficult for you to attempt the test domains in their complexity. For this reason, you should start preparing for the Cisco 200-150 exam at the earliest stage possible so that time is on your side.


There are a lot of benefits you will get once you earn the CCNA Data Center certification, however, one of the main bonuses will be your proficient learning. When you are in the IT field you need to have a knack for mastering new things because it will set you apart from the competition. Thus, when earning the badge, your skills and credibility in the eyes of the present and future employers will get elevated and that is why it will be easier for you to secure a better salary.

If you wish to ace the Cisco 200-150 exam on the first attempt, try to focus on covering all the topics and prepare yourself for all types of questions. If you have some experience working with data center technologies, it should certainly help. Just make sure to pull out the maximum of learning with practice tests once you feel all the topics covered, and win your struggle!