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Why Modi Can Never Be a PM?

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 12 June 2012, 10:43 Hrs   |    97 Comments
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Bangalore: The name Narendra Modi reminds people inevitably of the Godhra riots. Does Modi’s name remain tainted forever? It may be an unpleasant reality for the liberal left, but most Indians view the events of 2002 as ancient history. But will Modi ever be able to get to the PM’s chair? Lakshmi Chaudhry and Sandip Roy for First Post listed the most compelling reasons why Modi may never become Prime Minister, or enjoy an extremely short tenure if he does.

Man vs. Party:

In a parliamentary democracy the individual matters far less than the party. There may be exceptions. A regional leader can start his or her own party like that of Mamata, but it does not work at the national level. Or, may be one family can dominate a national party, but that needs the advantage of dynasty.

Any BJP candidate for the top post has to be a party man, and enjoy the unqualified backing of its political life partner, the RSS. But Modi instead has made a career of pushing away the leadership of both. Former Gujarat chief minister Suresh Mehta told Tehelka, “The RSS unit in Gujarat in toto is against him, from the prant pracharak to the lowest worker. Modi has broken the Sangh; broken the party. He has raised his own personal stake so high, he has decimated the party structures.”

From Gadkari to Advani, once Modi’s protector, everyone has gone against Modi. It’s hard to prosper in a parliamentary system when your own people don’t like you very much. As one BJP leader made a clever remark to Outlook magazine, even if Modi succeeds in projecting himself as the next PM, “rest assured, the BJP will defeat him”.

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Reader's comments(97)
1: Before we talk about Modi becoming the PM of India, we have to talk about BJP's chances of winning the 2014 Parliamentary Elections. According to current analysis they can win in only 110 parliament constituencies and so BJP coming back to power is something impossible in 2014.In spite of Congress's overlaps, the 17 crore strong Muslim minorities will vote again Congress and help them come back to power. they would not mind BJP but not RSS backed Modi as PM.
Posted by:kodimirpal - 06 Jul, 2012
2: Fact: As per figures given by the Union Minister of State for Home Shriprakash Jaiswal, who belongs to the Congress Party, in Parliament on 11 May 2005, 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed in the riots, 2548 people were injured and 223 people were missing. This was in a WRITTEN REPLY to a question asked by a Congress member on the religion wise casualties in Gujarat after Godhra. The report placed the number of riot-affected widows at 919 and the number of children orphaned at 606. The UPA government gives these figures, and hence they themselves may be inflated.
These are the Congress MPS and goverment agency reports of investigation.
Wake up You dormant fools and just realise the reality
The Indian Express of March 5 2002 reported on Godhra that Congress leaders are accused in Godhra:
1- Mehmud Hussain Kalota, convener of the Congress district minority cell and president of the Godhra municipality
2- Salim Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh, president of the Panchmahal Youth Congress
3- Abdul Rehman Abdul Majid Ghantia, a known Congress worker
4- Farroukh Bhana, secretary of the district Congress committee
5- Haji Bilal, a known Congress worker”

When 31 people were convicted for Godhra roasting, 2 Congress men were given LIFE IMPRISONMENT and 1 was given DEATH penalty out of the above 5. Abdul Rehman Abdul Majid Ghantia and Farroukh Bhana have got life imprisonment and Haji Bilal has got death penalty – 3 out of these 5. .
Posted by:Harpreet - 19 Jun, 2012
3: Worst person I have seen in my life, not fit to be PM
Posted by:Gangadhar Silku - 18 Jun, 2012
You are worst person whose comment I have read
Harpreet Replied to: Gangadhar Silku - 18 Jun, 2012
Let truth come in light.. lets wait for that.
Mandid Replied to: Gangadhar Silku - 18 Jun, 2012
6: Today only Gujarat is prospering with new industries., why does'nt others learn from him? W.Bengal, AP turned down TATA. AP too ignored TATA and is now at its worst now with telangana agitation.
Posted by:sads - 17 Jun, 2012
7: Narendra Modi is the most suitable person for the post of PM. He is the true patriotic and able man, envied by all those who are not so. Why no industrialist want to set up any industry in Bihar inspite of efforts made by Nitishji? How many people from Bihar or UP job in their state; hardly 5%. Rest of them go to others states, a good majority to Gujarat. And that makes Modi different.
Posted by:Rajen - 17 Jun, 2012
8: Most of make comments based on hearsay information about Modi and Gujarat. The fact though remains that beating of the congress party needs and equally strong leader and a cohesive party. Both are missing in the BJP-Modi scenario. I wish prudence prevailed and they sorted this out.
Posted by:mike rana - 16 Jun, 2012
9: can't say what is in store for Mr Modi. History is full of examples wherein the mass murderers or fascists may have benefitted for the time being but they are not supported by the Almighty in their long term GOALS. Will GOD allow him to wash his hands of the Thousands of MUSLIMS just because they are muslims.....let us see what the future brings .
Posted by:Baddon - 16 Jun, 2012
10: He was declared most hated person of Time Magazine
Posted by:Kaur - 15 Jun, 2012
11: Can't agree more with the report. Modi has made a mess of anything and everything around him. Now he has no sympathizers in the RSS without whose support he can't move out of Gujarat in any case let alone the question of his becoming the PM. It's his arrogance and rebellious nature that he finds himself in a graveyard dug by none other than Modi himself.
Posted by:Jamini - 14 Jun, 2012
12: Modiji is a leader of yougsters beyond Parties and politics. The author perhaps written what he wishes. But History always had surprises. Wait and See.
Posted by:vijay - 14 Jun, 2012
Modiji?? School and college kids loath him so which youth are you talking about?
Jamini Replied to: vijay - 14 Jun, 2012
Jamini seems to be a Press agent. What is reality of Modi. What is reality of cdongress. Will God spare Rajive for killings so many sikhs. Bloody Indians Like to lick the feet of this foreign Missionary SOnia. How secular she is it is evident From Wadhera to Robert Vadra. Look what is he doing now Pure Vandalism in Congress raj.
Indians are a follish as is their attitude
Harpreet Replied to: Jamini - 18 Jun, 2012
15: Let Modi be a chief minister so that at least one state can prosper and the prosperity will spill over to other states positively.
Our nation has a lot of finger print politicians to toe the dy(nasty)ic rule.
Posted by:muralidharan - 14 Jun, 2012
I totally agree. It is a shame on all Indians including me and u. We lick the foot of NEHRU/GANDHI clan without reasoning rather eye blind. The down fall of the country is not far, only thing we will be unfortunate ones to suffer - commom man.
INM Replied to: muralidharan - 17 Jun, 2012
17: Silicon India is brought by CONGRESS...........
Posted by:jay - 14 Jun, 2012
18: this is a paid news ... Silicon India when started was focused but now its turning into mess.
Posted by:ABHISHEK ROY - 14 Jun, 2012
19: India needs a leader not a party who can lead... leaders are always single person with a vision to change, vision to bring nation and its people to next level... from mahatama to Sardar Patel and many more. What modi did to Gujrat is magnificent we need someone like him in center.
Posted by:Abhishek Roy - 14 Jun, 2012
i totally agree. Nations like Singapore & Malaysia have progressed so much for individual brilliance and good leaders.
krish Replied to: Abhishek Roy - 15 Jun, 2012
In Indian democracy single leader will not work.
meer azher ali Replied to: Abhishek Roy - 14 Jun, 2012
it does not work when all want to loot the nation and one person cannot control that. Somewhere the change has to happen, happen for good. Many want efficient government in the end. however, there are more who oppose because they cannot loot with efficient system!. In the end, looters are the winners. No need of brain and brilliance. why the article doesnot project that. Media can make the changes.
Just SMSs brought down the govt in Egypt and media, if want can make the change for better.
krish Replied to: meer azher ali - 15 Jun, 2012
23: The writer seems to be after CHEAP publicity, so has written a crappy story. Young Indians (from 18 to 60) seek & need a FORWARD thinking, ACTION man at the helm.. NOT A DUMB & INCAPABLE person. This author will sleep in shame in July 2014
Posted by:Sam - 13 Jun, 2012
I doubt..coz those who are using Internet (Urban and middle class) hardly vote..Majority of votes are from poor and lower middle class segment who might have different views.
So just a popular notion on Internet (Fb,twitter) may not actually convert to reality.
Arpit Replied to: Sam - 17 Jun, 2012
25: I read through and only came across his strengths that are being portrayed as his weakness. Come on folks, if we can sustain close to 55 years of Congress and related mis rule, I beleive ONE opportunity to a person that is NOT CORRUPT and seen as such by all MUST be given a chance. Maybe, he cannot last long, may be he cannot govern "well", but one chance.. is it not worth it. WHAT IF he manages to turn around India when we need it most!!!?? What IF!!! is it not a very big if to turn down upon. I am sure if WE the people, even those that remark here and read these remarks vote, Modi will have the required majority and can ensure that India becomes Gujarat.. Progressive and prosperous.. Modi as PM and Kalam as President. My dream team. I really don't care who is in the cabinet as I trust Modi can make them work for the nation's benefit, who ever they are!!! Advani, come on.. we can do better..Please..
Posted by:Rakesh - 13 Jun, 2012
26: Sir,
Stop this baseless speculation;it stinks; it sounds like paid news!
If merit is the criterion, it is Modi, who ought to be the PM.Period
Posted by:Vikshiptha - 13 Jun, 2012
27: It is a false subject head line. Modi is supported by RSS and BJP both. Suresh Mehta had failed to manage his post due to his bad performance. His fate is sealed. He is now spreading rumours. Similar is the case with Keshubhai. He too was the failure and he had become a subject of fun. The biggest Municipal Corporation Election of Ahmedabad was lost under his CM-ship. Therefore to avoid further defeat, he was removed. Now all the failed leaders are making noise against Modi. Modi will not opt for PM-ship by himself. Modi will be called by the people to have the rein of India.
Posted by:shirish dave - 13 Jun, 2012
28: at present .there is more fools in voters ,hence modi can nt be PM
Posted by:kittamani - 13 Jun, 2012
29: who is this writer, has he been inspired by Teesta & co or paid by Diggy & Tiwari or directly by Sonia or following NDTV, CNN IBN presenters & panelists? No truth whatsover written above. just because IT guys read this, PR companies hired by mentioned above are trying to create a confusion in young voters mind.
Posted by:tau best - 13 Jun, 2012
What the Fucccck are you doing fuccccck sucking cock of SOnia and rahul, Digi. It seems congress has banged you hard and u are fucccking prego with their babies. lol
Harpreet Replied to: tau best - 18 Jun, 2012
This is few jelous indians fcukkking mentality.. In order to support their robber/murderers, who fulfils and feeds them as one community and they feel happy when the others are cursed by the murderer. The true Indian who expects the integrity by equality. Most of the indians are haters themselves in terms of castes, religions, and communities. Whats the hecck one writer is coming up with his views as per the political scenarios and he has let here to understand the people. whats the fuggkk corrupted in BJP in karantaka. Fully corrupted the entire states by BJP entry. There should be logical debates here on this article. Simply don't heck your mouths, without logical mind. Who has paid to you write here comments, Do you think BJP has paid you to write in respect with honor of your BJP leadership.
newcomer Replied to: tau best - 17 Jun, 2012


Posted by:JAY - 13 Jun, 2012
Gujarat is not India & so with narrow minded, spreading regionalism should stop day dreaming of Gujju being PM of India?
Archana Replied to: JAY - 13 Jun, 2012
34: He is the only person eligible for post of PM. So dont publish such articles (u congress man)
Posted by:vishal - 13 Jun, 2012
35: It's not the name that reminds, it is the PRESS.
Why is not the name Gandhi reminding of the Sikh-slaughters after Indira's assasination? Because Press conveniently forgets it to be mentioned, again and again.
Posted by:Shaas Ruz - 13 Jun, 2012
36: He is reincarnation of Hitler whose name is now taboo in Germany.
Posted by:MG Kapoor - 13 Jun, 2012
All the looters oppose Modi for being honest and bringing the best governance to at least one state of India. The more money being paid, more bad publicity against the person who is doing good work. Nice to see many good comments on him. Media can make the change in India sooner than later!!. Wake up.
krish Replied to: MG Kapoor - 15 Jun, 2012
38: I am sure when BJP feels Modi is the only way to get back to power, they will all turn and help Modi.
Posted by:Debi Kar - 13 Jun, 2012
39: It's crap written by person who has no knowledge of GROUND REALITY.
This is the Image created by person opposing Modi.
This article has nothing to do with Reality.
writer has mentioned somewhere that RSS is opposing Modi!!!!!!!!!!
Imaginary Thoughts.
Pls don't publish this kind of article in this Very Standard News Website.This will just downgrade site's reputation.
Posted by:rohit vadgama - 13 Jun, 2012
Well said
murali Replied to: rohit vadgama - 13 Jun, 2012
41: modi is the right person to hold the pm office
we need honesty /efficiency/vision for betterment of India
Posted by:chandrakant - 13 Jun, 2012
42: It will be good for India if person of his kind never occupies the highest chair. His name invokes feelings of disgust in the minds of a large segment of population. Godhra Riots have been indelibly printed in the minds of many people and can never be dismissed/forgotten as a part of history.BJP will do well to choose another person for the coveted chair if NDA comes to power in 2014.
Posted by:syed - 13 Jun, 2012
43: Modi should be the next PM of India and reason behind because if you remembered your memories then you will get answer because congress ruled 54 years in India and what gave us Corruption,Poverty,Bangladesh and many more other things...
Posted by:sarvesh - 13 Jun, 2012
44: This is literally crap!!.. Evryone wud love to see such a person in power. I am sure this charismatic personality will nver let down India like the puppet of UPA have done in parties interests.
Mr. Author ur efforts propelling hatred against the greatest leader of India is futile. Go through all the comments you will get to know what people actually think.
Posted by:cheytan - 13 Jun, 2012
45: Modi the Terrorist and Engineer of Mass Murders, should never allowed to be a PM of INDIA, if allowed that will be the country’s darkest day
Posted by:Sagar - 13 Jun, 2012
Mr. Sagar you are wrong Mr.Narendra Modi is the only hope who will save our country, economical status, expenses will be lower down & many more ......................... reasons are there.
One more thing Court has not found him guilty in the godhera case.
Rohit Replied to: Sagar - 13 Jun, 2012
Hahaa ha .. tomorrow court will say no Massacre happen as there is no credible evidence of Massacre ... actually we r living in a time where politics of religion touches abysmal and no moral values upheld in high esteem perpetrators r worshipped (for instance , Dawood, Modi) only bigots r blinded by farce , so another revolution is in waiting for evolution of our democracy , think wisely and save INDIA.
Rahman Replied to: Rohit - 13 Jun, 2012
India can only saved by the strong leadership and Mr. Narendra Modi has demonstrated it again and again. Now all talking just Godhra against the progress he achieved for the state, because such people and media doesnt find anything else to speak against him and his charishma and character, so they keep blowing old trumped.Whether top leadership support him or not BJP doesnt have an alternate but to project Narendra Modi as a PM candidate for 2014 Loksabha poll..
Arvind Replied to: Rahman - 17 Jun, 2012
49: the day he is considered as PM's candidate.........that will be the darkest day of India & we are forced to consider a person who engineers killing innocent people only get political power! he controls the mob & encourage them to rape innocent people who have born in a muslim religion. Such terrorist who is worse than HITLER is being considerd fo a PM post.......Let us not stoop down to that level. Cong is anti people so also BJP. There is no political party who thinks & works for common people......but come what may let us not think of a person who is INHUMAN!
Posted by:jyothi - 13 Jun, 2012
I agree with your comments !
syed Replied to: jyothi - 13 Jun, 2012
Jyothi, we all r indian , we hv to think like an indian , as indian we know our aspiration. we indian despite divided into sect , caste & religion but we all aspire for the same?we want cohesive progressive society to take on the challenge throw at us by world. we quickly want to climb the success ladder where our living standard should be yearned by even European.
Rahman Replied to: syed - 13 Jun, 2012
52: Modi will be PM .... for sure :)
Posted by:Lalit - 13 Jun, 2012
53: Silicon India.. you are a paid website of corrupt congress.. Sonia Gandhi & Gang supporting you???
Posted by:Raj - 13 Jun, 2012
54: Ok, But you need a leader like modi to govern India, you cannot hide behind the bushes,when you have to make tough decisions.

Modi is leader , who takes decisions in the interest of the state,he will do so for the country also.
Posted by:k kumar - 13 Jun, 2012
dear friend u said he has done for country so for?can u show me what has he done for country?what he has done hasnt done so far before him?yaa he has done one thing which hasnt done so far is that,,he killed innocent people by using his machinaary like hitler done ,,dont go just by immotion my dear friend analyse the situation and think over which is best in the nations favour not in the favour of individuals or certain group of people
fkfkzner Replied to: k kumar - 13 Jun, 2012
56: i also want modi to be the PM in 2014 but i feel that it was not possible not because of public but because of other BJP leaders.
BJP is not going to take the advantage of anti-incumency effect against congress in 2014 as they are busy inside for projecting the PM from there side.
And ultimately the sufferes are we the common man who have to bear the congress govt. again for 5 years.
BJP please wake up and stop inside fighting otherwise you will again sit in opposition.
Posted by:rupesh - 13 Jun, 2012
57: Hi, The article as well as the discussion is illogical. Authors have conveniently forgotten the democratic rules and Indian constitution. The elected Member of Parliament of Party and/or alliance decide on the Name of the Prime Ministerial Candidate. Here, too, High- Command comes into the picture. They recommend the Name and M.P.'s support it. In case of alliance the Name should be selected anonymously.

The reason why Modi Can never be a PM? is something else. GUJARAT has only 26 LOK SABHA seats. If Modi/BJP wins all of it, even though it is 10% of the clear Majority seats. (Total Strength of Lok Sabha 542 seas, Clear Majority 272 Seats). If modi can manage other 246 supporters from other states, he can be PM. But why other states will support him? They have their own regional leaders and only because of them BJP won the seats in that State. Do any one think that any one can give Mr. Modi P.M. Position on Platter. There was only one man in the Indian Political History Named SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL who gave Prime Ministership to JAWAHARLAL NEHRU on platter, simply to keep the Words of Gandhiji.
Posted by:DINKER MAHAJAN - 13 Jun, 2012
The article has been well written and analysed about the weakness and strength of Mr.Narendra Modi.He is the great leader with clear vision and goal to make India a developed country from developing country. But as the author has rightly said Modi can only rule with clear stable 2/3 majority Governament but definitely not a unstable coalition Governament. He is straight forward in his views and vision. He lacks tolarance and may not get along well with others in case of coalition Governament. He has got good administrative capabilities and strong views on many issues today no political leader has got.His strong point is his integrity and committedness for development and caring for people. He has got a clear picture in his mind how India has to progress economically and be one of the super powers in the World. He means business and not interested in appeasing some section of people for want of votes. His policies will be straight and will be implemented stringently. He is the best bet for PM provided he is made President of BJP after Gujarat assemble elections winning and moved to National politics. Then he shall take up the party completely into his grip and start touring entire country and make himself accepted by one and all. India needs a leader like Modi whatever his critics may say. Modi is always blamed for Godhra roits which is not proved and the court has given a clean chit for him.
Santhosh Kumar J Replied to: DINKER MAHAJAN - 13 Jun, 2012
Like i...A full fledged research rather than blabbering like other candidates..
sudha Replied to: DINKER MAHAJAN - 13 Jun, 2012
60: I see Mr. modi to be a next PM. And if he will make it then he will creat a wonder for india.
So please support Mr. Modi to what he disserved PM post
Posted by:viral patel - 13 Jun, 2012
61: keep yourself foolish and stupid Mr. Column writer and Silly-Con India
Posted by:tilakabhi - 12 Jun, 2012
62: As a youth of this country I would never want to see Narendra Modi as my PM.
Posted by:Indian - 12 Jun, 2012
Why? As a youth you can't fight against this useless, inefficient, non-progressive leaders whose only vision is to make money for themselves and do vote bank politics. Modi is the only real minister who has the vision to take india at par to china or brazil or even close to developed nations. No other jokers in the current indian politics have that vision, courage, or intentions do such thing.
parag Replied to: Indian - 12 Jun, 2012
64: Indira Gandhi was similar to Modi in 1964 even Nehru did not like her atitude but she became PM 2 times and won 3 election. So Modi will become PM. Advani who is retired and other BJP leaders (including Advani) coulnd not win their own seats are not helping BJP. For now Modi is future of BJP , without him BJP will loose its seats to regional parties (not Congress). Please do not publish these type of articles to push us to unsubscribe to this site.
Posted by:Harisha - 12 Jun, 2012
65: This SiliconIndia is pro Sonia & Congress and anti BJP & Modi.
Posted by:Arup - 12 Jun, 2012
66: What a piece of shit this article is? In the past as well i have seen pro congress (or I should say Pro gandhi family) articles here where they even tried to keep Rahul Gandhi at par with Mark Zuckerberg, come on can you believe it.
Why the f**k one man charm wont work but the dynastic advantage can?? Ultimately Gandhi Dynasty was also established politically by Jawahar Lal.
Posted by:Sam - 12 Jun, 2012
67: Given a choice, the majority would go with a an belligerent& clean PM versus an imbecile, 'mute to Corruption', puppet PM.
Many of the current crop BJP team is dull & neutral. This will not work. But desperation with congress & the likes will force the voter to choose Modi in future.
Posted by:NARASIMHA - 12 Jun, 2012
68: I dont know what qualification the authors have to write this canard! The ability to type in English is probably the only criteria to be a journo... ability for a balanced & unbiased analytical view seems to be totally missing!
Posted by:Deepak - 12 Jun, 2012
69: this article seems totally unncesessary. Time will tell if he will become PM one day when BJP wins elections. What is the use of speculating now? If Modi can become a PM or not is a concern only for his supporters. Others in India do not care. Any rule, be it Congress or BJP, has become hopeless.
Posted by:Sandhya - 12 Jun, 2012
70: Yes In India people like Manmohan become PM even before two days of day he became PM he him self was not aware of the same.
Person how has written this article were able to think for the same.
Let law of land and people of land to decide how will be PM.
Please stop writing this kind of paid article.
Posted by:kamleshkumar - 12 Jun, 2012
71: F**k B****rd, keep dreaming to see him PM, fu***r can never become PM, if think he can become PM then keep dreaming no one gonna stop you but stop talking rubbish that he can be a PM, how come a mass murderer become PM, wait n watch what happens. stop talking rubbish about Gujrat development, a murderer will always be murderer doesn't matter what he does for his state. Fu****ng Murderer. I don't support Congress and saying rahul gandhi or any one is perfect or should become PM but not this bl***dy Ba****rd.
Posted by:Rajesh - 12 Jun, 2012
Mr Rajesh if f****n mass murderers from congress can become PM why cant him?
Sam Replied to: Rajesh - 12 Jun, 2012
73: Why we are so judgemental In india which person looks untainted
everyone looks like a polished Bikhari. money and sex have been
looks the only motto of every indian

Anna and ramdev are showing us the right way and we are first rated
Enuchs to look down on them as well

If Modi cud take up gujerat to such high levels is becoz he was fighting Enuchs not men who never discuss the poor people who got
roasted in the compartment and the frenzy that followed later

if Modi is tainted then till date why govt has been so lax and lazy
to pin him down when they have all the machinery and resources behind them

the govt cud pin Jagan reddy but cud not pin kripa shankar as yet
same crimes but different justice system.

they still cud not pin afzal guru and kasab so what is this govt
machinery fit for and they are talking to pin Modi

All CWC reports are just being tabled but no action taken for the
un ending corruption and wrong doings

We are just discussing Modi to deflect from the main issues

the higher ups in congress and bjp have sold the nation for
big money they received as kick back from the nuclear plant
deal with USA thats why Advani and sushma just bark but not
take the ultimate step of resigning from the PARLIAMENT to
protest against the IPL CWG,2G COALGATE scams

Chidambrans Paramount airways closed down but no one is investigating this matter

We as NRIS are helplessly watching India FALL rapidily &
the media is a lot responsible for this as they are same
dogs in the manger
Posted by:andeeluv - 12 Jun, 2012
74: Modi will be the next PM... Though these stupid paid media write articles like this.. Why can't you people(paid media's) write an article about the development of gujarat.. Shame on you..
Posted by:Murali - 12 Jun, 2012
75: A person ever had a Criminal background should never be a PM. Criminal CM's will be again Trouble PM's?
Posted by:country lover - 12 Jun, 2012


JUNE 12,2012.
Posted by:VALLABHDAS - 12 Jun, 2012
77: I wonder who wrote this article? Is this a paid article? In a democratic political system, even a Donkey (read it an ASS) can become a PM, if the animal can garner enough votes and an alignment of other like minded animals. Godhra kand is nothing comparable to 84 anti-Sikh riots and still Congress Party (Rajiv Gandhi) was OK to win. We have seen some one like Dave Gowda becoming a PM who never was in any National political scene and had huge charm-deficit (whatever it is!)
In any case, its upto Indian voters who decides about it not some political analyst who writes a paid article.
Posted by:SydneySridhar - 12 Jun, 2012
78: Modi is too polarising to be PM, period. He will give a very bad name to India if we manage to elect a mass murderer as PM. People who did the sikh riots of 1984 could never really prosper, neither will this guy.
Posted by:Jaya - 12 Jun, 2012
79: The Modi doesnt have a common felt among the common man, He is a terror loving man, devide and rule among the caste, among the parties, He has a passion for his state not for the Country, If he do that would be interest of few part of BJP dominated, not even that too. He unexpected trouble man, US has rejected him, What he will bring to country, It doesnt mean he has done to the state, He will equal to the Country. Leading the country He never had experience, If not in the PM, do you think ? can't support the Governement in development? Need not be a PM. Every one feels that they wanted to little for the country and they feel to fill their nearest and dearest state. The person who loves the nation? Be the PM of the country, The person who is trouble man for the set of people and lovely man for the set of people will not peg him the post. Even If gets the chance, that's the corrupted country will take to wrong hands will create to lot of disturbances around the country. There are lot of capable leaders in the Country, They ever had a chance to lead? Able and the best PM is a Manmohan Singh, he is the real man of the country, who really took the country in all the times whether its in good or bad situtation, I mean whether economic crisis or not? He does a good able and people loving man. Manmohan is very able man, who has the vision, Who ruled as Finance Minister for the country several years. Economic Crisis you can't blame the PM, becuase since Mr.Manmohan has the capacity with his level of intelligence to lead move further, a peace loving man is more than anything for the country than few dominated loving man.
Posted by:Country Lover - 12 Jun, 2012
80: Godhra riots are the rubbish Just visit Gujarat and you will see the development and the infrastructure he developed there is a lot of opportunities for the other business people to invest in gujarat Neat and clean gujarat is the moto of Narendra Modi he is the nice and excellent administrator
Posted by:Vinod Nainwal - 12 Jun, 2012
81: The rise in the total number of anti-NaMo articles is directly proportional to the fear factor among the liberal lefties.

The corollary to that, the rise of leftist chorus, singing the paeans of 'poor rural India which will never vote for industrialized Hindutva' mascot.

And the hypothesis has become the reigning fact : NaMo is the next PM.
Posted by:Ramana Murthy - 12 Jun, 2012
82: I am sure he can't become the PM of india.....he is not at all a suitable person...winning there in gujarat itself a big ? mark...
Posted by:Singh - 12 Jun, 2012
Owing to the Godhra riots, there haven't been any riots in Gujarat after 2002, congressmen cant put any strong fight on any other topic on Mr. Narendra Modi n so the Godhra riot issue is being again and again bounced in Media. I would request d media to host a show that shows the development of Gujarat within the short span in Modi's rule, the person is getting famous as a world icon due to his deeds and we Indians are only seeing the one single goal that he missed. And that to talking about the Godhra riot, Modi wasn't the one due to whom the riots began. There r many politicians in India who have created riots for there benefits and though both the media and the public knows about those people still the finger is being raised on Modi instead of those people. The development Modi does in a year seems as if we have jumped 10 years ahead. After every 5 months i come back to Vadodara(in Gujarat) n live for a month and each time I am always thrilled and overjoyed as to how much the city has progressed.

People from all over India are searching jobs in Gujarat and you blame Modi.

Vadodara is the second safest city in India and you blame Modi.

Industrialists are investing Rs. 2lakh crore(20,00,00,00,00,000) in Gujarat and you blame Modi.(Not to mention A.Raja and the scams by other politicans here)

Even a layman can begin his business without any bribery in Gujarat and you blame Modi.

Ignorant people, misuse of Media, Corrupt politicians, and the Right but Silent public(those who kno the potential of Modi but are least bothered) are the factors that are between Modi and India as a supreme developed nation..

The choice is yours people..
Make the best use of it..
We will aslo be prospering as America in Obama's rule
Make ur nation a better place to live..
Support Modi
Ravi Raj Replied to: Singh - 13 Jun, 2012


JUNE 12, 2012
VALLABHDAS Replied to: Singh - 12 Jun, 2012
85: Modi will be PM, Modi had nothing to do with Godhara events, Modi was very efficient to suppress the riots VS congress like Madhavsingh solanki, during Solanki and Other congress CM this riots were a monthly events, since Godhara event Gujarat have not seen other riots, think who was behind the riots now??
Posted by:Nikhil - 12 Jun, 2012
86: anything can happen in politics. if congress can come to power after '84 anti sikh riots n innumerable scams. then why not modi?
Posted by:B D Rana - 12 Jun, 2012
87: The people who thinks Rahul should be the PM will never support Modi. I think Modi will turn all these negative press as his advantage at the end and win 2014 national election.
Posted by:rammohan - 12 Jun, 2012
88: If somebody can mastermind Godhra, who are these small timers in BJP to defeat him. We are always betting on others who will keep our people always poor.
Posted by:Mithra - 12 Jun, 2012
89: Modi's worst moments are still to come - when he faces the court and answers for his crimes and is then punished.
Posted by:Ahmed F - 12 Jun, 2012
90: There is no reason why he should not become a PM. In fact he is the only fit person in the country to become PM. Has the sikh riots made Congress unfit to rule. How long you can go on finetuning the Congress bashing with minority vote card. We definitely need a leader like Modi and he is the best person for PM.
Posted by:nagarajan - 12 Jun, 2012
He is the best person for PM
madhu Replied to: nagarajan - 13 Jun, 2012
92: The reason he can't be a PM because Indians are not fortunate to have such a leader as PM.
Posted by:satakarni - 12 Jun, 2012
93: The reason Modi can't be PM becasue "Indians are not fortunate to have such a leader as PM but willing to vote a Catholic Italian or useless dummy".
Posted by:satakarni - 12 Jun, 2012
94: Yes we cant forget the Godhra kand and whenever Modi's name is taken it remind us again and again. But politics is unpredictable. You never know he can also be a PM.But i am sure if he gets the position he wont be that bad in fact he will do justice to his positions.
Posted by:sunayana - 12 Jun, 2012
95: Its hard for Modi to get to the PM's chair, just a dream!
Posted by:ram - 12 Jun, 2012
We really have to see the stories of Countries like Singapore, Hongkong and even Thiland and how they have progressed many more times than India. Even today in India, there is larger number of people who struggle to just have food and shelter which is not the case in those countries where everyone need not to worry about thier food and shelter.
This is the time to take hard decisions in the prevailing economic situation. One leader who can take India to that stage is Modi. All other leaders how strong infundamentals of economy can not take strong required decisions and our present PM is the best example inspite of knowing what good for economy cannot take decisions just to save his seat and party not really bothered about countrys progress.
I still feel inspite of some black dots on Modi, He is the one leader, India requires at these stage who can take India forward and can compete with countries like China.
This is the
Gopal Replied to: ram - 16 Jun, 2012
Modi once again proved
Raj Replied to: Gopal - 20 Dec, 2012